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What You Get From A Hotel Near Esplanade Mall

If you want to go shopping in the Ratchada area, the best place to shop is the Esplanade Mall. It’s a seven-storey commercial complex, where you can go shopping for various items, while being entertained by its cinemas, ice skating rinks, bookstores, supermarkets and the 1500-seats musical theatre. So, the shopping mall can be accessible for your needs, you need to book in a hotel near Esplanade mall for your accommodation. It should save you more money for commuting.

If you’re booked somewhere else, you can easily find the Esplanade mall. At its doorstep is the Thailand Cultural Centre MRT underground. From the outside, you’ll see the organic contours of the structure with steel and glass. At night, the colourful LED lightings shine brightly for a futuristic look. Designed similarly like the Siam Paragon and the Emporium by Paris-based architects, the malls have the same feel to those found in Sukhumvit and Siam areas.

Do Anything Here

If you’re booked in a hotel near Esplanade Mall, all you need is step out from your accommodation and find branded products like clothing, jewelleries, electronic gadgets and beauty products. The products and services offered are usually catered for the younger generation, especially when it pertains to sports. It also offers electric gears from notable brands, as well as several health and wellness outlets to slim down and get in shape. You may wish to pamper yourself by treating your hair and nails, or venture into a spa menu. At its basement are the supermarket, fast food outlets and restaurant chains, where you can taste various Thai and international cuisines.

The Esplanade Shopping Mall

This mall is different than other shopping malls in downtown Bangkok. It offers a variety of experiences that can give you a boutique feel. It’s neither too big nor too small, but just right to provide relaxation and entertainment to a great number of locals and tourists. This shopping mall has a great mix of lifestyle shopping and entertainment outlets. However, some serious shoppers may not be happy with their purchases as it has less diversity of products. If you’re opting for entertainment, Esplanade can provide you a delightful option than other downtown shopping malls. For this reason, have yourself booked in a hotel near Esplanade Mall for convenience.

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