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Why Consider An International School In Thailand?

If you had to move to Thailand with your kids, then it means you need to find a good school for them to attend. The first decision to make is to choose what type of school you’ll be putting them in. You may choose a private bilingual school with English as a programme, or choose an international school in Thailand, where they can easily adjust.

Bilingual Schools versus International Schools

Bilingual schools follow the Thai national curriculum, with most of the classes taught in English. For an international school in Thailand, they follow the British or US curriculum programme. They also utilize the modern teaching techniques used by foreign curriculum. Bilingual schools will stick to the usual methods largely used in regular Thai schools. For this reason, many affluent local families choose their children to study in international schools.

Another difference is the price as international schools can be expensive than bilingual schools. However, the international school can provide better facilities, with well-paid and highly qualified foreign teachers. The kids are also well prepared when they enter a university back in their home country.

The International School Course of Study in Thailand

The international school in Thailand can teach various programmes like American and British curriculums.  Furthermore, some of these international schools are Christian schools and incorporate Christian teachings and values into their curriculum. Some of these schools are owned by missionaries where Christian teachings are strongly emphasised. Whatever your religion is with respect to the choices of schools, you have the education of your kids depending on the programmes offered by the school.

As an expatriate living with your family, it’s not always forever that you’ll stay in Thailand. At some point in time, you’ll be returning to your home country, and will have your kids continue their education there. Having sent your kids to an international school in Thailand will make it easy for them to adjust as the curriculum is similar. They will also find ease when they join a university in your home country.

Some international schools in Thailand will offer strict primary schools for students aged 12; while there are others that include secondary school for kids up till aged 18.

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