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Why It Is Not A Good Idea To Use Flushable Wipes

We are living in a time where there is commercially available disposable version for every household item. Remember when disposable wipes came and the convenience it brought to many parents all over the world. A more recent version is the flushable wipes which sent a sigh of relief to many up until it became apparent that this every day item could actually cause our plumbing fees to sky rocket. A warning is now being spread by plumbers all over the globe after it encountered a bad case of plumbing failure resulting from the use flushable wipes.

While the packaging of this product might claim that it is flushable, it is not actually recommended to flush it down our toilets. An Indianapolis plumbing company employee, Jack Hope, revealed that it is one of the leading reasons why they have to make repairs to clog up toilets. In fact, it is responsible for a third of the total repairs they have to make.

Hope admitted that every day they have to clear up clogged plumbing only to pull out flushable wipes.

According to a mother of four from Whitestown, Amy Tenney, she is using flushable wipes and is following the instructions indicated on the packaging. She was shocked when plumbers asked them if they are using flushable wipes as if it is not the right thing to do so she admitted that they have been using it because it is sold in every supermarket nowadays.

Tenney said that they are fortunate because the problem was detected earlier than later. She was only charged $100 for the service.

Hope said that detecting the problem earlier is vital because they could easily snake their way in the pipes and pull them out. The highest charge will only be $400 but if the case is left unchecked then it could be between $3000 and $20000 because they would have to replace the entire sewer line.

Tenney is now letting her friends know about the danger of flushable wipes. This case is not isolated in United States because even in United Kingdom flushable wipes are quite a commodity. It is time to have a peek at this website and consult a professional plumber if you have been using one in your house.

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