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Winter Activities To Look Forward To In Niagara Falls State Park This 2019

Niagara Falls State Park released the upcoming winter activities they have lined up both for local and tourists. This will help families who are in the area to get rid of their cabin fever and enjoy the beauty of winter instead. While there are no services for the Niagara Falls boat ride during the cold season, there are many other things to look forward to such as The World Changed Here Pavilion by the Cave of the Winds which is opening for the second year in a row.

This will give guests the opportunity to know more about the history of the place and the every event that is organized within Niagara Falls. Their latest addition is the elevator which can be used to travel down in order to appreciate the frozen gorge’s beauty but this will greatly depend on the weather.

There is also the film showing of the Legends of Adventure by the park visitor centre inside the Niagara Adventure Theater. Not to mention the Aquarium of Niagara with many underwater species waiting to meet new people every day.

Aside from these all year round events, there are also other programs which can only be accessed within certain dates. First on the line is the Eco-Kids Series which will run from the 2nd of February until the 2nd of March. This is open for pre-school kids as well as elementary students.

There is the Winter Bird Walk which will open for one day on January 26. This is the best time to get to know the birds that are residing in the Niagara Falls when the temperature drops. The program will be spearheaded by a naturalist from the State Parks.

Dog lovers will be glad to know that there will a Dog Days of Winter on the third of February. Niagara Frontier is proud to present their Siberian Husky Club in order for visitors to meet the dogs that are known to love winter so much. If the weather is good, man’s best friend will be having a demonstration as well as a meet and greet. These are perfect alternatives to Niagara Falls boat ride which is one of the most anticipated events of visitors when available.

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