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With Sydney Furniture Removalists, You Have Nothing To Lose

When you move to a Sydney house, you have nothing to lose. You don’t know what you get until such belonging is gone. However, if you have listed down that belonging in your moving inventory, such loss can be avoided. Before packing it to the cartons, ensure that you have a complete list of belongings to avoid losses. Here is what Sydney furniture removalists can do for your move.

Get Your Life Together

When you move to a Sydney home, you need to list downan inventory, which includes the one staying and the other one going. This will determine the kind of insurance you need when you move to this new home. Plus, you give the Sydney furniture removalists a copy, so they can be responsible for anything that is damaged, broken or lost during the move.

A great household listing will include all things from jewelleries to furniture. You don’t only keep a record of your belongings. It can also make you recover those that have been stolen, damaged by accident or disaster.

Go on the Record!

You can start by gathering all your personal documents such as the birth certificate, marriage contract, will, insurance policies, deeds and family trust documents. Make full copies of these documents and keep originals with you at all times. You may also want to keep more copies for safekeeping.

Now you need to put your belongings in front of a camera. You can opt to record them in digital or video footage. You can also write an inventory to capture these belongings on paper.

You may start to focus on bigger items like major appliances and furniture. You will also include smaller items that hold much value to you, like clothing, jewelleries, antiques, kitchen appliances and garden tools.

Once completed, make more copies of the inventory, where you keep the originals. Give a copy to the Sydney furniture removalists for information. You can also give copies to a family member or a trusted friend. After the move, you may want to update yourself with all the furniture and other possessions you may have. You can even include those that have been damaged.

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