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Yanquing Ramps Up Efforts To Prepare For 2022 Winter Olympics

Yanquing district is one of the 3 major competition zones for the 2022 Winter Olympics that will be held in Beijing. The district is ramping up efforts to better prepare for the international sports event. To improve air quality, Yanquing has replaced the coal-fired boilers with clean energy sources. The district has also replaced a total of 1,178.2 tons of coal fired boilers in twp central heating centers in the east and south areas.

The clean energy campaign is also underway in Yanquing’s rural areas with an estimated 10,000 households from 46 villages making the effort to change their coal-fired boilers to boilers using clean energy. The district is also expanding its efforts towards the development of winter sports and the ice and snow industry.

According to Song Haitian, deputy director of Yanquing Winter Olympics organizing committee, alpine skiing, bobsleigh, luge and other events will be held during the sports competition. About one-fifth of the gold medals will be awarded at Yanquing venues. Yanquing is taking all the necessary measures to manage the legacy of the Winter Olympics by maintaining sustainable development of its economy, ecology and society.

The ice training base that is expected to be completed by May next year, will be equipped with a training gymnasium, team management building and apartment building for the athletes. The gymnasium will include 6 standard ice rinks and 8 standard curling tracks and other functions. The 87,000 square meter gymnasium will serve as the training base and venue for city-level competition of different winter games.

Over the past 3 years, Yanquing was able to host 27 winter sports games, 4 international competitions and 8 national competitions. Yanquing is actively invested in improving the skills of skiing professionals through 23 A-level ski instructors that are internationally recognized. Winter sports trainings were held for 3 consecutive winter seasons for thousands of students.

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