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October, 2015

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Barcelona Feeling the Effects of Not Having Messi

According to German football legend Lothar Matthaus only Barcelona star Lionel Messi has the realistic claim to win the Ballon d’Or this year. Matthaus who won the honor himself when he was the captain of West Germany’s team to the World Cup in 1990 suggested that no other player besides Messi should be in the running after he has spearheaded Barcelona to four major honors.

Matthaus believes that only one player merits the Ballon d’Or and that is Lionel Messi because he has returned to play at an excellent level for FC Barcelona. Messi has not only won the Champions League but the double in Spain although the titles in Argentina continue to resist him.

Messi’s goals speak for him, for the sheer brilliance of his play and the triumphs he has celebrated with Barcelona. He has extraordinary class and consistently shows the uniqueness of his games. According to Matthaus, he would be surprised if Messi does not win the trophy.

Messi is currently sidelined after an injury. His absence in the games has clearly affected Barcelona because it lost two of the last three La Liga games. It is testament to the greatness of Messi when world-class players like Neymar and Luis Suarez are struggling to combat the opponent.

Enrique is a big favorite as Coach of the Year but the challenge he faces for the remainder of the year is to get Barcelona going again. At the moment, their team is feeling the effects on not having Messi. The team is struggling with form and fitness and they are turning in sloppy showings that are well short of the level they scaled on their way to the treble glory in his debut term.

Various coaches have been unable to get the best from Messi but through Enrique’s management, Messi was able to guide Barcelona to a trio of honors at the end of 2014-2015. It will be a treat to see Messi return to show his remarkable prominence.

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Importance of Tracking the Well-Being and Performance of Athletes

Sports teams pay serious money to their players and they need to have a better system that can look after the player’s well-being and performance levels. Couches do not have much information about their players to work with but with the development of the Viper System, coaches can be provided with all the information about their athlete’s performance.

STATSports’ Viper Pod is a small GPS unit that will be worn by athletes when they are on training and during matches so that data about all aspects of their performance can be collected. Whatever data is collected will be translated into valuable information that is easy for the coaches to understand and act upon. Leading teams immediately saw the value they can gain from the Viper System.

According to Alan Clarke the founder and CEO of company STATSports, tracking the well-being and performance of rugby players during the World Cup is critical because there is little room for error to be successful. Alan has delivered major financial deals and contracts with some of the leading names in sports from Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Barcelona and Juventus.

The technology of Viper System is being used by a number of rugby teams who are competing in this year’s Rugby World Cup during training and matches. The technology is also being used by local sports organizations including Ulster Rugby and Irish FA.

According to Alan, working with IRFU during their victorious 2009 Six Nations Campaign, was probably the greatest game changer for the company. Ireland won their first Grand Slam since 1948 and the Triple Crown. This successful partnership with IRFU led to English RFU signing up with STATSports so that they can take full advantage of Alan’s technology at Manchester United.

Working with world class sports organizations means the STATSports must not leave open any potential gaps for competitors to enter the market. Alan knew his company has created a product that other teams cannot ignore like NBA, NFL and MLS teams.

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Should Neymar feel the Pressure to replace Messi?

According to former Lyon star Juninho, Neymar must not put too much pressure on himself to replace the injured Messi for Barcelona. Messi will be missed for two months due to the knee injury during the September 26 victory over Las Palmas. Messi is not expected to return to the games until mid-November even if he has avoided surgery and is progressing pretty well.

Luis Enrique’s side has struggled so far in Messi’s absence and they have narrowly overcome Bayer Leverkusen in the Champion’s League that was held Tuesday before they were beaten 2 – 1 by Sevilla in La Liga during the weekend. However, according to Juninho, Neymar should not bear the responsibility of replacing Messi’s impact at the Catalan club.

Neymar should get the ball, score all the goals and make everything happen and his thoughts should not be about replacing Messi but on winning the games. According to Juninho, Neymar has to take the initiative considering that Messi is not on the field. He has to take the lead so that he can win the games while Messi is recuperating from his injury.

Responsibility is something that Neymar is used to after spending several years as the talisman for his old club Santos as well as Brazil’s football team. However, Juninho thinks that it might be harder for Neymar to repeat the same feats with Barcelona.

At Santos, Neymar was always the center of attention and so with the Brazilian national team. Neymar is used to increased pressure but he has to lead the five-time world champions. Barcelona will be more difficult but Neymar knows that he should be the leader of the team by what he does on the pitch. Nothing will be easy for Neymar because losing their best player is a big challenge. Neymar is supremely gifted but the fact is no one can adequately replace Lionel Messi who hopes that his team can stay in contention until his return to the field.

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How To Fit In Furnishings In Your Small Bathroom

If you have a bathroom with a super small space and you are trying to fit in everything, it like doing a crossword puzzle. There are different challenges that you will encounter and among these are the following: allowing enough space for a shower area, configuring the sink and toilet to code and ascertaining where to place the towels and tissue papers. Despite these typical challenges, it is usually a better option to squeeze in another bathroom especially if you desperately need one, even if it is just so small.

If you plan on creating space in small bathrooms here are some tips in designing that will help your small bathroom appear spacious and calmly.

  • Install a sink in the corner. At times, a pedestal sink can disrupt an available lane inside your bathroom. In small bathrooms, it is suggested that you place a cornier sink from across the toilet rather than a sink across the shower. The opening and closing of the door in your shower area will usually create an awkward condition.
  • Make use of a shower curtain. A shower curtain which you can move back and forth will greatly save you some place compared to a glass door that you have to move in and out.
  • Float the vanity unit. Floating a vanity unit will actually help the bathroom to visually appear bigger and at the same time the floor space will be freed of space so you can place in smaller items.
  • Round the vanity. When you have tight spaces, sharp corners will usually pose risk or threats. You may opt for a vanity item with a rounded tip. It can still work in a square space.
  • Extend the counter top to the toilet. This style of arranging things in the bathroom can be possible with the use of a wood slab or a stone. The extended counter will create enough space for a few crucial needed items. The toilet placement will not be affected at all and the look is at the same time clean and minimalist.

Having these tips in mind, you can now make something great from your small bathroom.

What To Remember When Going On Your First Sailing Holiday

CANARY ISLANDS – October 1, 2015 – Sailing is one of the most popular activities that people often engage in. Through sailing, people are able to enjoy tons of benefits that would often revolve around the physical and mental health of an individual. Besides that, sailing can be a relaxing and fun way to escape the stresses of daily living while bonding and building relationships with friends and family.

Sailing enthusiasts are fond of going on sailing holidays and it isn’t hard to understand why. So if you are going on your first sailing holiday, here are some things that you should remember.

Before going on the voyage, make sure that you choose a sailing holiday that is designed for helping beginners such as yourself. These could either be taster voyages or a beginner’s yachting course. Also, make sure to go on a sailing holiday that is not too long.

To get a better understanding on sailing, try taking online courses and read the RYA competent crew handbook.

Next, you should always know the things that you would need to take such as lifejackets, bedding and clothing. Make sure you have a way to access dietary requirements, if ever you have any of them.

During the voyage, do not forget to inform the skipper (the captain) that it is your first time. Always ask where the safety equipment is so that in times of crisis, you would know where the lifejackets are.

Since it is your first time, make sure to ask lots of questions. Asking the right questions will help you understand and learn more about sailing. But make sure to ask questions only when it is suitable. If the skipper is busy or is concentrating on an activity, try not to distract him.

Get a feel on the wind. Find where it is coming from and how strong it is blowing. Studying the wind and how it affects the water and the boat is important in sailing.

Also, while on the voyage, take time to study and memorize the basic parts of the sailboat. Lastly, try not falling overboard!