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February, 2018

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What To Expect During The Wedding Of Meghan Markle And Prince Harry

Details regarding the most awaited wedding of the year have been revealed to the public by the couple, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. As expected, wedding planner in Sydney will be taking notes because it is not unlikely that brides-to-be will want a wedding inspired by this royal occasion.

The engaged couple, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, are going to tie the knot at the St. George’s Chapel located inside the Windsor Castle. The wedding is set to happen on the 19th of May.

Kensington Palace decided to reveal some details regarding their wedding day which is the same day as the 2018 FA Cup Final.

People who are excited to see both events might not have to worry about the timing because the wedding service of the couple will start at midday while the finals of the sports in the last few years have been set to start at around 5:30 in the afternoon.

The palace shared a statement coming from the couple who is thankful for the good wishes coming their way ever since they announced that they are already engaged. The palace added that the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are already excited for their wedding and they want to celebrate the event with the public.

They have already confirmed that Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, will lead the marriage ceremony.

The carriage procession for the wedding will start at 1 PM and the route will cover Castle Hill going to High Street and then processing to Sheet Street. They will go straight to Kings Road and will pass by Albert Road. The procession will include Long Walk before concluding in Windsor Castle.

The reception is to be hosted at the St. George’s Hall while the Prince of Wales will throw a private reception in the evening of the same day. This is only open for close friends and relatives.

There is much to be excited about for wedding planner in Sydney and all over the world as it is tagged as the royal wedding of the year. Prince William, older brother of Harry, might not be able to award the trophy for this year’s FA Cup Final because of the wedding. He traditionally does the honour being the Football Association’s president.

Meet Motobot 2.0 The Racing Robot

Moto Guzzi is an Italian motorcycle manufacturer that is well-known for its historic role in motorcycle racing and industry innovations. If you are interested in the Italian brand, you can check for Moto Guzzi for sale from reputable dealers in the UK. There are plenty of models available that will allow you to gain more value for your money.

Different motorcycle brands dominate the motorcycle racing world. The Thunderhill Raceway in California’s Sacrament Valley is known as the home to America’s longest car race, 25 Hours of Thunderhill. However, last September, Thunderhill hosted a different race between man and machine.

From a distance, spectators saw a motorbike taking the curves of the raceway like a professional car driver. Up close, the driver is not human but a robot. The blue humanoid robot looked like it has just stepped out from a computer game called Halo. The game is set in an interstellar war between humans and a bunch of aliens called Covenants. When Motobot stops driving, you will feel that you will be his next victim.

Motobot 2.0 is a fully-autonomous robot that can ride a motorcycle around a racetrack at high speed. Human operators can specify to speed and aggressiveness of the robot from a scale of zero to 100%. The process is similar to a racing team discussing strategies with their human rider. If you are wondering how the bike looks; it is a classic aerodynamic racing bike that can overtake your car in the motorway.

Last September the team that developed the Motobot 2.0 was enthusiastic with their achievement. The robot has successfully hit a speed of 200kmh (124mph) on the race track. However, it was still short of the lap time recorded by Valentino Rossi by about 30 seconds. If Motobot 2.0 can beat the record of Rossi, it is evident that a robot can perform beyond human capabilities.

It will be a good sight to see the racetrack with human drivers and robots competing for the record. On the other hand, if you are looking for faster bikes, your best option is Moto Guzzi for sale from UK dealers. Do not be hesitant to visit the dealership and ask questions.

School Cleaners In Canberra Receive Help From ACT Government

With Australia’s state governments working on their commercial cleaning contracts, cleaners across the country, in both NSW and ACT, are facing issues with their employment. The contract changes by the governments lead to school cleaners in Sydney being at risk for unemployment, while ACT cleaners are suffering the same issues.

United Voice, the union that handles school cleaners in Sydney, as well as those in ACT. The ACT chapter, in order to help commercial cleaners in the state who are facing problematic futures due to the changes in government commercial cleaning contracts, issued ex-gratia payments of AU$1100 to at least 200 cleaners across the territory.

Secretary Lyndal Ryan United Voice said that the cleaners were relieved and thankful for the payment. She says that some of them are undergoing really tough times as a result of the changes, especially since the time near the start of the next year.

The ACT government overhauled the management for the public school cleaning contracts across the territory, following news and issue about sham contracting and rampant underpayment. The changes mean that now, the ACT public schools, all 87 of them, are handled by four companies, compared to the 23 prior to the change. These changes are designed in order to ensure that the ACT government can ensure that the cleaners aren’t getting ripped off. The four companies set to handle the cleaning are:

  • ACT Commercial Cleaning;
  • Dimeo Cleaning Services;
  • Vivid Property Services, and;
  • Menzies International.

But instead of the aim of ensuring cleaners were properly paid, they were left without work, laid off by commercial cleaning companies that were not able to acquire a contract. According to ACT Education, however, said that part of the terms of that new contracts obliged contracted companies to hire people within the existing workforce or those that were laid off as a result of the contract changes.

United Voice took steps in order to deal with the damage, holding hearings with the Fair Work Commission as well as the four companies assigned the contracts in order to ensure employment for cleaners, but with the time having passed, the cleaners were forced to go into annual leave.

A lot of the cleaners were thankful for the money, which helped them during tough times. Ms. Ryan says that the changes improved on the industry, but these issues were just ‘hiccups’ in the process.

Hottest Bathroom Trends In 2018

Bathroom is not only a place for hygiene; it is increasingly used for relaxation and beauty. This is the place where you feel comfortable and fresh. Due to this reason, there is a growing trend of designer bathrooms which are lavishly and tastefully decorated.

Before you start designing your bathroom or start making plans to remodel it, here are the latest bathroom trends gaining popularity:

  • Practical storage spaces that take less space. Wall hanging cabinets, mirrored bathroom cabinets and corner units are seeing a rise in popularity. These cabinets save space in the room. The use of mirrors makes the bathroom appear large and spacious. The cabinets have compartments and drawers to neatly organize your bathroom utilities and linens.
  • Style with a touch of originality is a major trend that will be vogue always. Add a touch of originality with warm colors, wall papers that mimic nature or walls adorned with recovered wood.
  • Ceramics are slowly gaining popularity. Ceramic tiles for showers, ceramic floor tiles and ceramic basins. Tone on tone, patch work and graphic designs are the new style in ceramic prints.
  • Natural stones like Marble and Quartz are getting popular for tiles and basins.
  • Mix and match theme to break the monotony is in trend. Using Asymmetrical shapes in tiles and accessories is going to be rage in the coming years.
  • Multifunctional showers equipped with steam system, linear drain, anti-fog mirror, racks for holding soaps and shampoos and so on are seeing an increase in demand.
  • Frameless glass shower enclosures that suit any type of bathroom decor and give a spacious look to small bathrooms are in trend. They give the bathroom a neat and contemporary look.
  • Bath tub is slowing seeing an increase in demand. The increasing demand for luxury in bathrooms led to innovation of a variety of baths that require less space. They come in different shapes like square, oval and round.
  • Technology has entered into bathrooms. Motion sensor temperature settings and lights, mirrors with LED lightings, towel dryers and touch screen mirrors are gaining popularity among tech savvy generation.
  • Wooden furniture is always in trend. It gives a natural and warm look to the interior. Wood is used in different forms like hardwood flooring, mirrored bathroom cabinets in Oak and vanity units made of wood.

Green Star Given To Westpac’s Offices In Barangaroo

Office spaces are not complete without office fitouts nowadays. An increasing number of companies are more aware of the importance of green choices such that office fitouts in Canberra and other places in Australia are geared toward making the space eco-friendly. One of the best examples is the recent award received by the office of Westpac located in Barangaroo. The company’s office is found inside the International Tower Two. According to the award, it is Australia’s greenest office.

The Green Building Council of Australia gave the interior fitouts of the company a green star rating of six stars. This is the highest number of green stars that was given among all offices located within Australia.

The sustainable design comes with an extensive metering system that has the capacity to measure the amount of water and energy used by the company. The materials used for constructing the office have very low impact to the environment because 95 per cent of the PVC and timbers used are certified to be reused and recycled and it also received best practice certification.

The six stars rating is the highest that can be achieved by a building and given to the whole Tower Two building. The International Towers of Lendlease was also included in the list of the tall buildings in the world.

In May of 2016, the office fitout by the St. George, office located in Tower Two as well, was awarded to the first retail fitout as well as the first bank to receive the 6-star ranking.

The Green Star award to Westpac was due to the lower water consumption of the company. They are also not dependent on private transport and they give importance to the local ecologies by reducing harm and improving its quality.

According to Romily Madew, the chief executive of GBCA, Westpac is making an example of all the companies located all over the globe. The rating is only proof that Westpac is willing to do everything to make sure the company has very little impact to the environment. The same should be embodied by the office fitouts in Canberra in order to create a big difference for the environment.

With Sydney Furniture Removalists, You Have Nothing To Lose

When you move to a Sydney house, you have nothing to lose. You don’t know what you get until such belonging is gone. However, if you have listed down that belonging in your moving inventory, such loss can be avoided. Before packing it to the cartons, ensure that you have a complete list of belongings to avoid losses. Here is what Sydney furniture removalists can do for your move.

Get Your Life Together

When you move to a Sydney home, you need to list downan inventory, which includes the one staying and the other one going. This will determine the kind of insurance you need when you move to this new home. Plus, you give the Sydney furniture removalists a copy, so they can be responsible for anything that is damaged, broken or lost during the move.

A great household listing will include all things from jewelleries to furniture. You don’t only keep a record of your belongings. It can also make you recover those that have been stolen, damaged by accident or disaster.

Go on the Record!

You can start by gathering all your personal documents such as the birth certificate, marriage contract, will, insurance policies, deeds and family trust documents. Make full copies of these documents and keep originals with you at all times. You may also want to keep more copies for safekeeping.

Now you need to put your belongings in front of a camera. You can opt to record them in digital or video footage. You can also write an inventory to capture these belongings on paper.

You may start to focus on bigger items like major appliances and furniture. You will also include smaller items that hold much value to you, like clothing, jewelleries, antiques, kitchen appliances and garden tools.

Once completed, make more copies of the inventory, where you keep the originals. Give a copy to the Sydney furniture removalists for information. You can also give copies to a family member or a trusted friend. After the move, you may want to update yourself with all the furniture and other possessions you may have. You can even include those that have been damaged.