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July, 2018

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Why Consider An International School In Thailand?

If you had to move to Thailand with your kids, then it means you need to find a good school for them to attend. The first decision to make is to choose what type of school you’ll be putting them in. You may choose a private bilingual school with English as a programme, or choose an international school in Thailand, where they can easily adjust.

Bilingual Schools versus International Schools

Bilingual schools follow the Thai national curriculum, with most of the classes taught in English. For an international school in Thailand, they follow the British or US curriculum programme. They also utilize the modern teaching techniques used by foreign curriculum. Bilingual schools will stick to the usual methods largely used in regular Thai schools. For this reason, many affluent local families choose their children to study in international schools.

Another difference is the price as international schools can be expensive than bilingual schools. However, the international school can provide better facilities, with well-paid and highly qualified foreign teachers. The kids are also well prepared when they enter a university back in their home country.

The International School Course of Study in Thailand

The international school in Thailand can teach various programmes like American and British curriculums.  Furthermore, some of these international schools are Christian schools and incorporate Christian teachings and values into their curriculum. Some of these schools are owned by missionaries where Christian teachings are strongly emphasised. Whatever your religion is with respect to the choices of schools, you have the education of your kids depending on the programmes offered by the school.

As an expatriate living with your family, it’s not always forever that you’ll stay in Thailand. At some point in time, you’ll be returning to your home country, and will have your kids continue their education there. Having sent your kids to an international school in Thailand will make it easy for them to adjust as the curriculum is similar. They will also find ease when they join a university in your home country.

Some international schools in Thailand will offer strict primary schools for students aged 12; while there are others that include secondary school for kids up till aged 18.

Spa Etiquette For A Memorable And Relaxing Experience

Spa is a tranquil space designed to melt away the stress and relax the body and rejuvenate the mind. However, not knowing the spa etiquette can transform it into a stressful and daunting experience.

Follow these tips to make your experience at the best spa in Saigon, a relaxing and memorable experience.

  • If you are visiting the spa in Saigon after lunch, use breath mints before the treatment. It will help you to freshen up the breath.
  • Do not have a heavy meal right before a spa treatment. Do not consume alcohol before or after a spa treatment as it dehydrates the body.
  • Most of the treatments at the best spa in Saigon, require you to remove all jewellery. It is best to avoid wearing heavy and costly jewellery while going for a spa treatment.
  • The ISPA (international spa Association) recommends the clients should report at least half an hour before the treatment and begin decompressing.
  • It is recommended you shower before starting the massage. Use the steam or sauna before the massage as it improves relaxation and aids in exfoliation.
  • Do not use mobile phones in the treatment rooms. Keep talking to the minimum and enjoy the massage. Talking loudly on the mobile not only disturbs the masseur but also the other guests at the spa.
  • If you speak only English, speak to the receptionist at the spa about your language preferences. Speak about the room temperature, your choice of music, massage procedure and the massage pressure to your masseur. Do not forget to mention about special requirements and physical injuries beforehand.
  • Smoking is prohibited in most of the spas.
  • Tip the masseur or the aesthetician appropriately.
  • Do not chit chat while undergoing the massage treatment as it will disturb the masseur and also you will skip the opportunity to relax and enjoy the massage.
  • Most of the spas do not allow guests to carry food and beverages from outside.
  • Do not fall for sales pressure. Do not trust the spas that hard sell different products to the clients during the massage treatments.
  • Be courteous to the masseur or the therapists. Do not use inappropriate body language in the spa in Saigon, which will result in suspending the treatment.

Why Hire A Marquee In Melbourne?

You can have an impressive venue with ultimate flexibility if you hire a marquee in Melbourne for your corporate event. Marquees help you convey your corporate image in the way that you want and ensures the perception will create a huge impact on the organisation.

If you hire a marquee in Melbourne, you can surely be proud of your business. Why people consider a marquee is to be flexible in terms of their choices for the venues. Marquees for hire can come in a variety of purposes, each offering a variety of features. When you choose a marquee hire, they can help choose a marquee that fits your desired location. It can be flexible as you style the marquee the way that you want. It’s a better alternative than hiring rooms in prestigious establishments.

Hiring a marquee will mean your out to source your catering and drinks providers. This is a more cost-effective way to tailor for your event. Marquees will help showcase your products to be displayed in a specific event, and you can personalise the features that the marquee will include. You can choose the marquee depending on the size and what fits the location. You can also choose the design and look of your event. The flooring will also be something to choose. If you like to hire a marquee in Melbourne, they can come with tables, chairs, other furniture and equipment needed for such event.

The marquees for hire can come with clear roofs for natural lighting or you can choose customised lighting systems. Depending on the weather, a marquee hire can provide the right heating or air-conditioning to make your guests comfortable while under the marquee. The corporate event may also require media equipment. Perhaps you need a projector and screen and will probably require a sound system. If you hire a marquee in Melbourne, they can install everything you need.

Even if the marquee is for some sporting event, there will be something in store for you. The marquees can provide shelter, especially when you watch your favourite sport. It is customised to suit your needs without spending more on time and money. You can even provide cheaper food and drinks. If you a hire a marquee in Melbourne, you know the event has been tailored to suit your needs.

How The Event Market Has Grown In India

The country of India has seen a lot of improvements when it comes to their Indian Event sector. In fact, the changes are so big that it is far from what people are used to in the past few years. It was originally seen as a platform to feature and organize celebrations but because of its transformation it is now considered to be a fundamental part of the industry where advertising and marketing is the focus. The industry gives more emphasis on conference management services which is why events are far better than before.

There are many factors that positively impacted the event industry in India and one of them is the marketers’ changing perceptions when it comes to event management. From the start, marketers recognize the importance of events in as a tool because compared to other platforms it is more tangible, prestige and grand. Marketers spend a lot more in organizing events such as award ceremonies, product launches and exhibits. There is a big difference compared to twenty years ago when events are thought to be an end but now it is viewed to be a channel where marketers can have interactions with their target audience.

Nowadays, events are more diverse such as product launches, corporate events, social gatherings and reality shows. The industry has welcomed these varieties of events prompting to more possibilities in the future. Many years ago, these events only happen sparingly but now there are organized events from various genres including fashion, music, technology, sports, social work, lifestyle and entertainment.

Technology has undergone such evolution that it impacts events directly along with growing experience and higher standards of excellence in the said industry. Together, the event industry has evolved to become customizable with focus on the clients.It was originally organized to be carefully planned, timely and efficient but now there are additional attributes of sentimentality and thoughtfulness.

Ask any company that provides conference management services and they will tell you that an events’ success is greatly dependent in the satisfaction of the customer. Therefore, an event should focus on supplying their needs and meeting their demands.

Similan To Ban Overnight Stays Starting October

Tourists and their liveaboard in Thailand can no longer stay the night in Similan Island starting in October of 2018, as new regulations are put in place by the local government to limit the impact made by travellers to the tourism destination, marked as a national park.

The island will only be available for day trips starting by October, with the government putting in a new policy in order to make it easier for them to maintain the island’s natural resources, according to Thon Thamrongnawasawat, a marine ecologist, Deputy Dean of Kasetsart’s University’s Faculty of Fisheries and the Chairman of the committee the Thai government set up in order to draft a new national master plan for the care and maintenance of the country’s marine resources.

Dr. Thon says that the Moo Koh Similan National Park sees an overwhelming volume of travellers, and these new regulations, starting with the day-trip only option is the first, concrete step for dealing with the issue. Tourists, he say, can still trek, swim, dive, and travel in their liveaboard in Thailand but when the day ends, they have to leave.

The ban will start in effect by October 2018, when the marine park officially opens its doors to tourists, following its closure early in May. The island is the only island, out of nine in the national park, that has bungalows and camping space for visitors. The overnight stay facilities on the island were operated by the state government.

The announcement was made by the National Park Office of the National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation  on the 25th of May. With regards to the ban, the department has already started work dismantling the bungalows and camping facilities on the island, and Director SongtamSuksawanq says that they’re almost done getting rid of them all.

He says that, while environmental concerns were the primary concern, there have also been inquiries on the cost-effectiveness of maintaining these facilities. He says that the island is an ill-fit for overnight stays given the limited space and lack of fresh water, compared to the larger islands in the country.

In response, Director Suksawanq says that they are currently working on an alternative policy for the island.

Why Wool Carpets Are Beneficial To Human And Environment

It was seven years ago when Housing New Zealand decided to use synthetic carpets. The KiwiBuild programme of the government with a funding worth $2 million is set construct around 100,000 affordable houses which will be offered to first time home buyers in the next decade. The only problem is that they are not choosing to shift to wool carpets. Companies specializing in carpet cleaning in Perth believe that wool carpets are better for the home.

According to the acting prime minister of New Zealand, Winston Peters, recommended the use of wool carpets in offices of government departments as well as on the floors of state houses. New Zealand First is dedicated in purchasing natural and wool fibres because these are sustainable, natural and renewable. These materials are going to be used as floor coverings and the same materials are going to be used as insulation. Peters has already expressed these sentiments last year but his spokeswoman said that the policy was not approved during the Labour Party’s coalition.

Miles Anderson, the chairman of Federated Farmers in the meat and wool department, said that since the taxpayers are the one funding the housing and the public establishment then the safest and healthiest choice should be used and it is none other than wool. They are still trying to convince the government to use woolen products for their future projects.

He added that the government should be using wool instead of synthetic materials that are known to be petroleum-based as it counters their aim in following through with policies such as zero carbon. Wool is not only resistant to fire but it is completely natural and the material is biodegradable. Nylon carpets, on the other hand, are dyed with a solution and manufactured using fibres that are man-made and with petroleum products.

Anderson said that the wool carpet industry of New Zealand is currently in a poor state because the sales and the prices continue to decline therefore advocating for it will be beneficial to the sector. While there is a big price difference, carpet cleaning in Perth believes that the benefits of wool outweigh that of synthetic carpets.