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August, 2018

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Tax Payers And Businesses Can Now Protect Themselves From Unexpected Professional Fees Via Audit Shield

With new data-matching capabilities that the government has in its arsenal, government agencies such as the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) can easily access tax payers and audit their taxes easily. The technology allows CRA to select and audit any person, even if they are law-abiding, compliant, and have never had any problem with the law. This isn’t much of an issue if they are filing their taxes correctly, but one downside is that there are cases when taxpayers have to shoulder some professional fees incurred because of enquiries and investigations.

How can tax payers protect themselves from these unexpected fees?

What actually happens is that once the government requests to review a previous tax filing, for example, some companies have to charge a professional fee to respond to the request and allow the enquiry. Customers would then be surprised that they suddenly have to pay for this even if they haven’t done anything at all.

To help customers avoid these unexpected fees, some companies are starting to offer Audit Shield. This program protects clients from these audits. If a client is enrolled in the Audit Shield program, the companies waive their fees for the enquiry, including employer compliance and payroll audits, corporate tax and business audits, Work Safe BC worker’s compensation employer audit programs, and personal tax post-assessment programs for the clients and their immediate family members.

Eligibility and Payment

Eligible clients are given invitation to join the program with the details and different options. Audit Shield would only require an annual fee to cover professional fees for audits, reviews, investigations, and enquiries.

For Businesses

Businesses are not safe from these surprise enquiries either, and just like with other taxpayers, they may have to shoulder the professional fee that is needed to respond to the government agency’s request. Likewise, they can also ask their service providers for Audit Shield to receive the same protection that other tax payers can enjoy.

The government may sometimes ask for documentation to show how a business was able to reach a certain amount of money, or in businesses where fast cash transactions are involved such as in the hospitality sector. Similarly, companies with long-term projects such as construction may also need to submit certain documents because projects often span a number of tax years.

Ballplayers Share Their Experiences In The Trade Block

New York athletes narrate what’s it like living on the trade block.

Brandon Nimmo

Two years ago at the Westin in Manhattan, Brandon Nimmo was convinced he was going to be a Cincinnati Red. His name has been mentioned both on TV and online, and everyone was expecting the trade. But as the deadline came close, he did not hear from either the Cincinnati Red or the Mets. Finally a decision was made, and he was to stay a Met. Such  New York City Illustrated Map how quickly things could change in the industry, despite each and everyone’s expectations. They will never really know, until it happens. He says it taught him not to count the chickens before they hatched.

Anthony Swarzak

For Swarzak, it came unexpected. One day he was talking to Don Cooper, a pitching coach, when Cooper told him that it wouldn’t be a surprise if he was next after Todd Frazier, David Robertson, and Tommy Kahnle. After a week, while he was out with his wife picking up pizza at Eataly in Chicago, he suddenly got a call from their general manager Rick Hahn. He was then on his way to Milwaukee.

They say that these sudden changes could be jarring sometimes. They look back at all the relationships that they have built over the years, and suddenly, it’s time to leave. This hasn’t been easy.

Drew Smith

While the first two were fortunate that the shift happened—or did not happen– before a new season started, Drew Smith’s experience was something else. He was sent to the Mets from the Rays in summer that year. While on the road in Tennessee, he had to return to his home in Alabama to pack his things and meet his new team in Binghamton, New York, which was an 18-hour drive away. It was his second trade in two months, and he says the second one has been easier than the first. He says that he wasn’t even able to formally say goodbye to his close friends the first time. Such mid-season changes could be mind taxing, they say.

Part Of The Job

Despite feeling in limbo at times or suddenly getting a call and having to switch teams without saying goodbye to old friends, they all understand that it’s all part of the job. Besides, they say, being moved from one team to another is an opportunity for bigger roles in better teams.

Be Extra Careful Against Shonky Roofing Specialists In Sydney

Choose the right roofing specialists in Sydney, so you make the right investments on your roof. If you choose cheap roof restorations, that sound to good to be true, you’ll probably regret why you have hired them in the first place. When you have employed a qualified and licenced professional, they can easily repair or restore the roof in the most efficient way, thus adding value to your property.

Homeowners need to protect their belongings and be extra careful with shonky roofing specialists in Sydney that seem to good to be true. They may not only damage your roofing but worsen its condition. Most of these fly-by-night operators are unlicensed and uninsured, so they can’t guarantee the quality of work done. Many of them use poor quality products, which in the long run can get damaged so easily. They can also provide hidden charges for services that you may not be aware of. Many times, in the restoration, you find unsightly roofs with peeled paint or broken tiles. Unfortunately, customers are left with nothing but fake warranties, false promises and poor quality roof restorations. You’ll even regret considering their services.

The too-good-to-be-true operators target a certain area, promising customers with warranties, and able to advertise their services through street signs and in local newspapers. Generally, they only advertise about their price and contact numbers. They don’t even mention about their business name, licence number and address. Mobile phones are changed regularly, and they can move to the next suburb searching for new victims to exploit.

If you want to do away with these shonky operators, you can do the following simple steps:

  • Do thorough research of reputable roofing specialists in Sydney for your projects;
  • Don’t be tempted by cheap and nasty providers that don’t give explanations on what you’re paying for;
  • Ensure that they can provide you a licence number, qualifications and business details;
  • Verify their website for customer reviews and testimonials and ask them for references;
  • Check their length of service in the business; and,
  • Ask family and close friends for referrals and recommendations.

Brisbane Video Production Producing Live Sports

Everyone wants to enjoy their nice weekend afternoon watching some of their favourite sports shows on TV. But just like how Santa Claus works on Christmas, so does a whole crew of people spending their weekends at work, simply to deliver the right entertainment for you. These people never complain about their jobs as they are doing what they love – and that is to work in live sports production, especially created by a Brisbane video production, sothey stay close to the action. It’s no ordinary job to do but you’ll see a marvellous finished product.

To understand every single detail happening in the Brisbane video production, a veteran sports producer Dennis Kirkpatrick has been invited to make you feel what it’s like to work in such production. The renowned producer has worked with outstanding networks such as CNN, Fox Sports and ESPN. So, here’s what the famous producer Kirkpatrick’s does in his work:

Preparing for the Game Day

The most important part of the week is to prepare for the game day. Unexpected things can likely happen during a live Brisbane video production, but if you are ready for all things you can control, you can easily react on those you can’t handle. To prepare you for a live sports production, you have to know the forwards and backwards of each team; the preparation of the show; taking care and handling the minor details; ensuring great surroundings; and, coordinate with your talent. All these need you to communicate to have the best sports show ever.

As a TV producer, there is never a regular day. You need to treat each day differently, even if you use the same formats every day. Those people working for sports shows can’t afford to fail in the production standpoint. People need to see it on TV like it was just shown live.

The Game Day!

According to Kirkpatrick, his average day begins at around 1PM Pacific. You need to have a special group to handle the sports broadcast of the day for American and Australian viewers. The disadvantage of such Brisbane video production is having you get up really early. However, the benefits make you come home early at night.

Are Nerds Ruining The Fun Of American Sports?

Many people have taken health insurance in Thailand to avoid paying out of pocket costs for their hospitalizations. However, it is important to determine whether sports-related injuries will be included. Professional athletes usually have special insurance plans although many extreme sports like hang gliding and skateboarding may not be included.

However, there is another issue that is challenging the world of sports. According to retired baseball player Jayson Werth, it seems that nerds are ruining American sports. The super nerds do not know anything about baseball but they project numbers and project players. Werth, a fairly decent player who was to able to earn more than $136 million during his 15-year sports career, said that players need not go out there anymore. Instead laptops and computers can take over.

Richard “Goose” Gossage, former Yankees relief pitcher said that the games are becoming a joke because nerds are running it. Nerds believe that they have figured how to play the game. Nerds have not played baseball to any respectable level. They do not understand baseball at an elemental level because they simply rely on data and analytics. Because of too much fusing over data and analytics, baseball is losing its spontaneity. Players are losing their self-expression.

The issue is not confined to baseball. Coaches are using analytics and player recruitment is growing. Other major sports are experiencing the backlash from statisticians. The future of professional sports is expected to be a battle between art and science, gesture and data and virtuosity and the system.

Nerds rarely make a public defence of their in place in sports. Perhaps, they believe that the contest has been won in their favour. Does this mean that American sports are no longer fun to watch? The most striking in news headlines are individual featsof virtuosity and athleticism. Data is important for teams but sport is still about the quality of individual decision making while playing.

Meanwhile, health insurance in Thailand as well as the rest of the world is important for all individuals whether or not they are involved in active sports. You have the peace of mind that there is fast, reliable and expert coverage when you need it for ailments and injuries.

Dressing The Home With Interior Stone Tiles

When you are building or renovating the home, one of the most daunting decisions you have to make is the choice of floor covering. There are lots of choices of available but your best option is interior stone tiles that can make design come to life. Stone tiles are a beautiful solution for both indoor and outdoor flooring because of its decorative features.

Over the past few years, tile offerings have resulted into similar interior designs but now manufacturers of tiles have improved their offerings. The focus is now on adding texture, geometry and graphic patterns for aesthetic appealing homes. Colour, which has not been around for a while is also returning.

According to Jessica Ciccarelli, sales and design consultant at Myaree Ceramics, tiles are now becoming a favourite trend because it has taken a turn from imperfect to textural. There are lots of beautiful thick-glazed wall tiles with hand-cut edges. This is inspired by the zellige tiles that are used all over Morocco.

Tiles are no longer just for bathrooms; they can be used for external walls, entryways and the front porch. A tiled feature wall in the bathroom can generate a feeling of openness and accessibility. Tiles can be installed from the floor all the way to the ceiling. No matter how the stone tiles are used they will always look great.

However, plain tiles will only look amazing if they are perfectly clean without watermarks and dirt. Since there are many nice finishes and textures, there will always be a stone tile that will match your lifestyle and at the same time hide those fingerprints and stains. Coloured tiles are lively not only because they are the trend right now. Choose the colour and design you like so that you will be able to achieve a fashionable look.

On the other hand, cost must not be the main factor in the choice of tiles. Costs can vary significantly in interior stone tiles and you should be aware before making the purchase decision. Stone tiles many not be as cost effective as laminates but they are more durable, design-friendly and easy to maintain.