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March, 2019

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Eco-friendly Tile Made Using Plastic Wastes

Did you ever think it possible for your blue kitchen tiles to be actually made of plastic wastes we often neglect? This might not be possible a decade ago but we have come a long way in terms of technology and recycling efforts. This is the reason why Emily Packer, a native of the La Jolla community in Rwanda, decided to start a Kickstarter campaign.

The money will be used to fund the creation of Coldharbour Tiles specializing in luxury tiles that are eco-friendly. The company will be making tiles which can be used as decoration or as wall tile. The best thing about it all is that 100 per cent of the tiles are going to be composed of recycled plastic material.

The main reason why they launched a Kickstarter campaign is to expand their production in order to create more tiles and then distribute them to customers. The eco-tiles will be available in three different sizes – a small square, hexagon and rectangle. There will be many colors available too but it will be dependent on the plastic materials used. This is one of the most effective methods to reduce the amount of plastic wastes that is negatively affecting the ocean.

According to the founder of La Jolla Light, the reason why she decided to start the business in the first place is to reduce the plastic wastes in the environment. What is worse is that these wastes are starting to penetrate human’s food systems. Creating the eco-tiles is one way to decrease the plastic footprint we leave behind and it will turn out into something big when done together.

Packer Enberg, the daughter of Dick Enberg, said that they have decided to create tiles because it lasts longer compared to recycling the plastic into just another plastic which will eventually be dumped again. Unlike the eco-friendly blue kitchen tiles they are making, other plastic products are more likely to end up going back to wastes. The process was not easy as she did everything from the beginning. To use as a comparison, a single hexagonal tile will need 130 grams of plastic in order to be manufactured.

The Lion King Coming To Bangkok In September

For Broadway fanatics in Asia, it is time to book a 4 star hotel in Bangkok because The Lion King by Disney is coming to Bangkok. This is the first time that the top grossing musical has gone for an international tour and it’s none other than in the kingdom of Thailand.

The musical is brought to the country by Michael Cassel Group in partnership with Disney Theatrical Productions. According to the two companies, they are happy to be able to finally reveal to the public regarding the international tour stop in Thailand. The Lion King will be conducting shows in Bangkok this coming September 2019. The venue will be at Muangthai Rachadalai Theatre and the production will be organized and managed by BEC-Tero Scenario.

This is not the first country to be visited by the production because it has already managed to sell out shows in a number of countries including South Korea, Singapore and the Philippines. Its next leg of the international tour will be in Taiwan. Disney decided to launch an international tour in celebration of the 20th anniversary of The Lion King.

Michael Cassel of Michael Cassel Group, the CEO and the producer of the show, said that they are overwhelmed with the response they have received all over the globe. Many are looking forward to seeing the multiple award musical. He admitted that even after all these years he is still unable to believe the level of history it has created.

He shared that this will be the first time that The Lion King will organize a show in Bangkok – a global city known for its vibrancy and dynamic. The production is quite a feat because it spans 19 different nationalities. The historical production will soon captivate the Thai fans.

The Lion King, since its production, has already reaches a new level of art when it comes to musical theatre from its choreography to its staging and even with the costumes.

After booking a 4 star hotel in Bangkok, guests are advised to book tickets to the show beforehand through online. The lowest priced ticket is worth 1,500 baht.

How To Choose Motorbike Gears From A Motorcycle Clothing Store

Is this your first time to ride a motorcycle? In this article, you’ll find what you need to know about riding gears, which you can buy from a reputed motorcycle clothing store near you. Here, you’ll get some advice on what gears to wear.

Why Need a Good Gear?

On a motorcycle, you’ll be travelling at such great speed. Even around town, you can ride at a speed of 50-mph or more and, on the highway, a speed can exceed 85-mph. Your body is not designed to sustain impacts at tremendous speeds, so we’re talking about serious, life threatening injuries that can affect you and your motorcycle.

  • Helmets:

According to studies, 45% of all impacts happen around the face. You need to wear a full-face helmet to keep the wind out of your eyes. Motorcycle helmets can last five years of regular usage. After that, it will start to degrade, affecting the safety of the rider. To ensure your protection, buy a new helmet from a reputed motorcycle clothing store and pamper it like your baby.

  • Jackets:

Wearing a motorcycle jacket will secure the fragile and most important parts of your body. You choose these motorcycle jackets to ensure comfort and safety. If you wear fashion leather jackets, these aren’t enough to withstand crashes and windblast that real motorcycle jackets can deal with. So, if you want to buy motorcycle jackets, ensure you purchase it from a reliable shop.

  • Gloves:

Your hands are so fragile that it needs to be protected as you ride the motorcycle down the streets. Besides, they are the first thing to touch down when you crash. For motorcycle gloves, the palm, fingers, back of your hands and wrists must be fully covered. The jacket and the glove must have a significant overlap so as not to expose the body.

  • Boots:

Your feet and ankles are vulnerable in a crash; hence, you need to protect them. To ensure your feet is always protected, you need to wear the right footwear from toe to heel. The result is making your feet survive an impact, if that should happen to you. So, ensure you buy it from a motorcycle clothing store that’s reliable and reputed for its motorcycle gear products.

The Various Challenges That Tottenham Faced During Its Construction

People in many countries are passionate about sports like basketball, football, soccer or rugby. They go to stadiums to watch their favourite teams play. However, how will you feel if the stadium has leaking roofs? It is very likely that the stadium needs roof repairs in Sydney so that the fans will not be distracted by the puddles of water on the stands.

Tottenham Hotspurs new stadium is currently under construction. Last December, the new stadium suffered from a setback due to a leaking roof on the single-tier stand. The south stand was inspired by the famous “Yellow Wall” of Borussia Dortmund’s Signal Iduna Park. It is comprised by a single tier that can hold 17,500 Spur fans of Tottenham’s total capacity of 61,559.

The south stand can generate a wall of sound that will boost the atmosphere considering that the front row is located 5 meters away from the touchline. However, the problem is the pools of water on the stand caused by a leaking roof. Tottenham claims that the leaks are simply a minor issue that can be quickly fixed.

The leak is the second issue to plague the stadium because in August, the underground arena became flooded when the main water pipe burst. Tottenham reported through their official website that the contractors have rectified the issues within the critical safety system over the past few months. While progress has been steady, integrated testing and commissioning phases have been completed before the opening in 2019.

The roof of the stadium is a cable net structure that is held in place by an elliptically-shaped compression ring. Cladding is made from standing seam aluminium panels with extruded polycarbonate on the inside edges. The Hotspurs have released new images of the impressive stadium including a view of the area from south stand.

When there are leaks on the roof, the best option is to call roof repairs in Sydney immediately to minimize water damages in the home. Roofs can deteriorate over the years and become less effective. Weather conditions can make the roof brittle and crack over time. Constant exposure to direct sunlight will melt the tar that holds the shingles together.

Essential Skills For Success Of An Event Hire In Sydney

There are special skills that are required in a job to be able to deliver the tasks that are called for. These skills will determine the success of a person in his chosen career. Some skills are innate to a person, others are acquired from experience.

If you have the passion to become an event hire in Sydney, there are several skills that you need to have to succeed in your craft. Your clients will also give importance and credit to your skills that guide them in their decision of choosing you to handle the preparation of their event.

The following are some of the important skills of an event hire in Sydney needed to deliver quality service to the clients:

  1. Negotiation skills

The job of an event hire in Sydney includes negotiation with vendors and suppliers. Your clients would want that you get favourable terms with the different suppliers and providers for their benefit. You must always be on top of the situation regardless of the circumstances. Negotiating is not an easy thing. It can be intimidating that requires firmness and strong principles on the part of the planner.

  1. Budgeting skills

An effective event planner in Sydney must know how to monitor every transaction that involves money. Doing this will let you stay on budget and know how far you have gone. Being able to save where possible would be a great thing not only for your client but also for yourself because it will allow you to use the savings for other enhancements that can make the event even more fantastic than expected.

  1. Multi-tasking skills

An efficient event planner knows how to multi-task. This is advantageous in terms of earning more income while serving multiple clients. The event planner must be extra careful not to mix things up when multi-tasking to avoid any issues with the clients.

  1. Customer service skills

An event planner is in constant contact with people that include the client, suppliers, vendors, and other persons involved in the event. Excellent customer service is essential to maintain existing clients and capture more as well as maintain good business relationship with the providers.

How To Operate A Trucking In Cambridge

There are many types of industries that can be catered by a trucking business such as freight delivery, truck leasing, auto transporting, or subcontracting construction. You have the option to cater to single or small loads of cargoes or specialize in huge fleet logistics.

Licenses and Permits

Before opening or starting trucking in Cambridge, there are several things that you must process such as business permits and licenses as well as insurance certificates covering your vehicles. The federal authorities and the State impose a strong and strict implementation of the rules of the trucking industry that only a qualified trucking company is allowed to operate in the trucking business.


Your trucking business needs to be incorporated by forming an LLC for the protection and security of your own finances as well as enhance your credibility rating. You can search from the internet for a reliable website that will help you in all the guidelines and paperwork. This will save you cost on expensive legal fees.

Interstate Operating Agency

It is a must for you to apply for an Interstate Operating Agency permit to allow your trucking in Cambridge business to enter in other states.


Get insurance for all your trucks including the various types of goods you are transporting. The insurance coverage of the goods depends on the level of risk of hauled materials. Obtain an insurance provider that caters to the trucking business and can give you the appropriate advice on the insurance levels that you need.

Trucking Software

Modern technology allows you to keep track of the important areas of your business transactions such as mileage, billing, routing, overhead costs, and other data on the logistics. Choose an application that you can access on the internet for the convenience of your drivers to send their reports and log in.

Lease Agreement

Negotiate for a lease contract with a truck leasing company to cover for any contingencies that may be encountered in your own fleet. Leasing can be beneficial than purchasing additional trucks.

Qualified Drivers

Hire only experienced and qualified drivers to do the job to avoid the hassles and inconveniences of customer complaints as well as inefficient handling of cargoes.

The success of running your own trucking business is dependent on the adherence to the basic rules of the industry and in providing an efficient and flawless service to your customers.