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June, 2019

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Bob Hawke’s Memorial Draws Thousands To The Sydney Opera House

Former Labor Prime Minister Bob Hawke passed on at May 16, aged 89. The Sydney Opera House was host to one of the most notable funeral services in Sydney history, with Hawke’s widow, Blanche d’Alpuget, delivering the final tribute at the service.

Notably, the event was fairly joyous, with the final message asking people to smile again, following the weeks of grieving that was immediate aftermath of the former PM’s death, who passed in his Sydney home.

d’Alpuget says that the memorial service should mark the transition from grief at the loss to the celebration of the former PM’s life, a full life, lived well. With this service, he says, Aussies should smile again, and be proud of how long Hawke lived.

During the memorial, one of the biggest funeral services in Sydney, d’Alpuget was surrounded by Hawke’s kids and grandkids, as well as a group of dignitaries, as well as the general public.

Notably, in attendance was current PM Scott Morrison, alongside former Aussie PMs; Paul Keating, Kevin Rudd, Tony Abbott, John Howard, and, Malcolm Turnbull. Other notable figures at the memorial was Federal Labor’s Anthony Albanese, and Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove.

Mr. Hawke’s close friend and confidant, his described economic, environmental and horse racing advisor, Craig Emerson acted as Master of Ceremonies during the service, which was opened by the Indigenous Federal Labor MP Linda Burney, with a traditional welcome to Australia.

Following that were tributes to the former PM, with Mr. Albanese describing Hawke as a giant that was a true public servant for Aussies, among other words of admiration from the politicians, and notable Aussies in the Opera House.

The Sydney Symphony Orchestra also played several musical tributes during the memorial, including, among other notable pieces, the chorus of George Frideric Handel’s Messiah and Men at Work’s Down Under.

The memorial had free tickets being given away in the Opera House, including spots on the landmark’s steps outside, with the free tickets all being taken within the first half-hour of them being given away.

Preceding the state memorial, Mr. Hawke’s family held a private funeral in his honour.


Scott Morrison To Fund Mental Health Initiative

According to recent reports, Scott Morrison has promised to fund a mental health initiative which will be school-based. A total amount of $2.8 million will be given for the program as part of his campaign during the election that he is determined to end the curse which is dominating the cases of youth suicide in the country. Aside from ordering school furniture from companies such as, the schools will also be focusing in the mental health of the students from here on.

The money will be given to a program called batyr which was launched in Australia. The program was created by a student from a university who is a victim of mental health illness. With the additional funding, the program will be able to reach more people through its online presence.

Before Morrison’s announcement of the pledge in Sydney, Australia, he said that the innovative method used by batyr highlights the importance of early intervention through employing storytelling in educational institutions. These storytelling activities are not only safe but also effective.

Morrison said that the program was created by young people in order to hold those who are younger to them. Through the additional funding, batyr will be able to provide front-line services and coordinate accordingly to intervene with young people who are at risk of doing something bad.

He also added that batyr and the method it uses is the reflection of Morrison’s vision in fighting mental health that is currently a challenge for the youth of Australia. This is the main focus of his government as of now.

Estimates revealed that one in every four Australians who are within the younger age bracket of 16 and 24 suffers mental health illness annually.

Sebastian Robertson is the man behind batyr which was launched in 2011 after he saw firsthand how frustrating and isolation it is to live with a mental health problem. This is not something that can be answered by buying furniture from but this is being able to live with the illness and conquering it in the process. The health minister is in agreement that batyr aided in providing support and interventions for those who needed it.

Here’s Why You Should Avoid Aftermarket Key Fobs

A warning is now being spread by locksmiths all over Australia including locksmith in Zillmere regarding cheap aftermarket key fobs. According to one consumer, Sarah Latham, she lost the key fob to her car therefore she decided to purchase a new one. She went for an aftermarket alternative because it is cheaper but she found out that it was a bad decision.

She used the key fob while her car is parked in a parking space in Cairns and she found out that she was able to open not just her own pink Nissan Micra but the nearby vehicle which is a white Micra. She told the story of how she unlocked her car with the key fob and went over to the white Micra. She has already opened the door to the vehicle when she realized that it was not hers but she was able to unlock it.

She was worried because if it was someone with bad intention then they would be able to steal anything from the car that was also opened by the key fob.

The same thing has happened to Ms. Latham when she lost her car keys and decided to use a local locksmith instead of going to the dealership. Chris Rose, a locksmith for automotive vehicles, said that the fault lies in the aftermarket key. He contacted the suppliers and they have already addressed the issue.

Mr. Rose shared that the remote follows the frequency by which the car responds to. There are thousands to various frequencies used by Nissan and the chance of a key opening another car is one car to thousands.

Many car owners also came forward to share their experience of how they were sure they locked their vehicles only to return to it already unlocked. The same goes with keys for garage doors.

With the issue ongoing, experts including locksmith in Zillmere has already warned the public to be cautious. As much as possible it is better to go back to the car dealership to purchase a new car key fob to avoid the same scenario.

The Insurance Accountant And The Athlete

The typical responsibility of an insurance accounting professional is to calculate the periodical contributions to the health benefits plan, insurance policy, or pension fund. The accountant’s duties include:

– Reporting and accounting for pension plans, health plans, and insurance.

– Processing of journal entries and proper maintenance of sub-ledgers.

– Providing assistance to review and prepare the annual financial statements.

– Balancing sheet account reconciliations.

– Providing assistance to periodical closing activities.

A professional athlete’s body is his business. He uses his physical strength and ability to be on top of his game. Sometimes, it is inevitable to sustain some injuries that may diminish his current power. Aside from that, he has no power to stop his body from aging no matter how hard he tries. An athlete needs an insurance accountant to help him manage his finances, investments, tax, health and insurance plans, and pension plan. The accountant can help the athlete maximize his wealth while reducing the taxes that he needs to pay.

Advantages of having the Right Accountant

Everyone can be an accountant, but not everyone can be a good accountant. A wise athlete should take time in choosing the right accountant to manage his financials so he can retire without worry. He should be able to hire an accountant who can come up with an effective risk management plan.

A reliable accountant can effectively present a good financial forecast and set up an efficient budget to meet the goal. A reliable accountant can pull off discreet investments for the high-profile client using sensible methods. The accountant must be able to accommodate the things that the client wants to inject in the plan and analyze the impact of the client’s suggestion on the long-term goal.

Professional athletes and entertainers are bound to face unique challenges in dealing with their present and future finances. Even if the athlete has a bit of knowledge in accounting, he may still find it impossible to handle his finances efficiently.

A reliable insurance accountant understands the client’s financial planning needs. It is wise to plan early to reap more benefits later upon retirement.



Logistics Industry In Need Of Additional Skilled Engineers

The latest 2019 Logistics Report has been published by the Freight Transport Association and the future is looking uncertain. Based on the report, over half of the skilled positions in the logistics industry are vacant. This is because of the shortage in the number of staffs that are needed to perform crucial tasks such as repair on workshops as well as conduct inspection on vehicle units. Skilled technicians are also needed for medical device installation while many logistics companies are still hiring vehicle mechanics.

There is also a need for fitters among logistics firms and this is one of the jobs that might not be easily filled in the coming years. The report revealed that the shortage of employees have already reached a point where it can be considered as an industry crisis.

The FTA has already promised to talk about this issue during one of the most awaited events in the industry called Fleet Engineer Conference. For this year, the event is taking place at the National Agriculture and Exhibition Centre or NAEC which is located in Stoneleigh in Warwickshire. The event will be sponsored by the Schmitz Cargobull along with Continental Tyres.

According to FTA’s head of automotive, Lawrie Alford, one of the major reasons why the logistics industry in the United Kingdom is efficient is because of the staff working behind the scene – the fitters, vehicle mechanics and the technicians. The problem is that the number of professionals with these skills is already going down at an alarming rate.

As supported by the recent report from the FTA, more than 50 per cent of the job vacancies might remain vacant because there is not enough skilled workers to fill in the roles. As of the writing, there are 30,000 technicians working in the industry who are responsible for handling around six million vehicles. Time will come when services such as medical device installation might need more skilled technician and this is why the newer generations are encouraged to take up technician apprenticeships. The goal now is to promote the career as well as to make sure that the industry will never run out of skilled talents.

England Football Teams Use Cloud To Process Data And Analyse Player Performance

The healthcare industry has discovered the advantages of cloud computing through Rend Tech Associates that developed and installed a system that will meet an organization’s needs. Recently, English football teams have started to use the cloud in processing huge amounts of data and creating an automated approach in the analysis of player performance.

The regular football season might be over but it does not mean the end of hard work. Development work continues behind the scenes with digital transformation helping to change administration of games for the better.

According to Craig Donald, CIO at the Football Association (FA), digital transformation means simplification to make life easier for everyone at the football association. It is also about engagement and ensuring connections to participants in the game from the Sunday League player to the members of the English Supporters Club and the Lioness performing at the World Cup.

The current focus of performance development efforts is cloud and big data. FA is using Google Cloud as a platform for collaboration and advanced data analytics for England teams. One of the key elements in the cloud-enabled digital transformation include G Suite platform as the centre of the organization’s business operations. This means a shift from working in silos to increasing collaboration between the coaches of all teams.

When there is a connected way of working, the way that coaches train and develop England’s 28 national teams is unified at all levels of the game. G Suite provides the platform to collaborate and share data.

FA coaches share data through G Suite productivity applications and use Hangout as the communication tool. The data that has been collected and shared by the coaches is accessed Google Computer Engine. FA is also using cloud to build a new tool that will be called Player Performance System (PPS) that will measure fitness, training and form among the players.

The medical IT support and data management solutions provided by Rend Tech Associates combine Blue Chip, cloud-based network architecture with the amazing power of back-end servers and systems and front-end user requirements for a high level of computing performance, security and capability that used to be available only to large companies.