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A Miraculous And Dramatic Friday Night For Anaheim

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Meanwhile, a miraculous night happened in Anaheim on Friday. Nothing can beat the Friday night in terms of drama, emotion and supernatural. It was the first time that the Angels returned to the Angels Stadium that Friday night after the death of Tyler Skaggs on July 1 in Texas.

There was a mural on the outfield wall that was unveiled during the pre-game ceremony to show Skaggs in mid-delivery with his name and number. Skaggs’ mother Debbie threw out the first pitch and it was a perfect strike. All of the Angels wore No.45 and the name of Skaggs on the back of their jerseys. His locker remained untouched and still contained his jerseys and shoes.

However, the impossible happened with Pitcher Taylor Cole and Felix Pena combining for a no-hitter. Cole opened with 2 perfect innings while Pena followed with 7 no-hit innings. Mike Trout, the team’s leader and close friend of Skaggs drove in 6 runs. The Angels won over Seattle Mariners, 13-0 but the later did not mind the defeat.

According to manager Brad Ausmus, the game was pretty special with some of the most special moments in his 25 years in the game. It felt like it was partly Skaggs’ no-hitters. Emotions lifted the Angels up with Skaggs protecting them from above.

Everybody was running on the field. 7 runs were scored in the first and ended with 13. Surprisingly, Skaggs birthday is 7/13. The Angels had 13 runs and 13 hits.

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