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Recycling Tech Firm Attracting Investment From Venture Firms

The recycling industry is being seen by many as a potential treasure trove, with investments bolstering junk removal Orange County and across the world, particularly the US. AMP Robotics, a company with designs for recycling robots, knows this, as they recently got $16mn worth of investment.

The recycling industry has been in a funk thanks to China putting strict standards on the kind of raw materials that they would buy, which resulted in recycling costs skyrocketing, combined with low unemployment.

AMP’s technology utilizes a mix of computer vision, algorithms, machine learning, and automation in order to improve the efficiency of facilities.

Investment firm Sequoia Capital took notice and decided to take charge, leading AMP’s Series A investment round, which totaled to $16mn, which the company will be using to expand their manufacturing capabilities and help boost growth as it works to expand internationally.

Sequoia partner Shaun Maguire says that they’re excited to be working together with AMP because of how the company is changing the recycling, which has been looking for cost-saving alternatives and ways to boost revenue by acquiring higher-value recyclables, with repercussions for junk removal Orange County and across the US and the world, something, they say, AMP is leading at.

AMP CEO Matanya Horowitz says that the funding will do much to broaden the company’s scope, more than just cutting down on sorting costs and upping the quality of materials that recycling facilities ship out.

Horowitz says that this will also improve the company’s computer vision technology, which can identify branded packaging, which can, in turn, allow companies to improve the life cycle of their products. She says that building up AMP’s reporting capacity to help out companies get into the circular economy better is something that’s taken a lot of investor’s interests.

The CEO also notes that the combined use of robotics, machine learning, and computer vision can be used outside of the recycling industry, with AMP looking at different sectors where its mix of software and hardware will be useful. So far, there’s been a lot of interest in the auto scrap and construction waste sectors.


The Lion King Coming To Bangkok In September

For Broadway fanatics in Asia, it is time to book a 4 star hotel in Bangkok because The Lion King by Disney is coming to Bangkok. This is the first time that the top grossing musical has gone for an international tour and it’s none other than in the kingdom of Thailand.

The musical is brought to the country by Michael Cassel Group in partnership with Disney Theatrical Productions. According to the two companies, they are happy to be able to finally reveal to the public regarding the international tour stop in Thailand. The Lion King will be conducting shows in Bangkok this coming September 2019. The venue will be at Muangthai Rachadalai Theatre and the production will be organized and managed by BEC-Tero Scenario.

This is not the first country to be visited by the production because it has already managed to sell out shows in a number of countries including South Korea, Singapore and the Philippines. Its next leg of the international tour will be in Taiwan. Disney decided to launch an international tour in celebration of the 20th anniversary of The Lion King.

Michael Cassel of Michael Cassel Group, the CEO and the producer of the show, said that they are overwhelmed with the response they have received all over the globe. Many are looking forward to seeing the multiple award musical. He admitted that even after all these years he is still unable to believe the level of history it has created.

He shared that this will be the first time that The Lion King will organize a show in Bangkok – a global city known for its vibrancy and dynamic. The production is quite a feat because it spans 19 different nationalities. The historical production will soon captivate the Thai fans.

The Lion King, since its production, has already reaches a new level of art when it comes to musical theatre from its choreography to its staging and even with the costumes.

After booking a 4 star hotel in Bangkok, guests are advised to book tickets to the show beforehand through online. The lowest priced ticket is worth 1,500 baht.

How Important Is Team Building Activities In Sydney?

Employees play an important role to any organisation and the success of the business will depend on the hard work they put in. As they come with different personalities, they can work differently while being motivated to put in their best. A single team member’s effort may go unnoticed; however, each team member must contribute equally. They must have ideas on how each team member works and what is supposed to be done. To draw them closer, a good manager must initiate team building activities in Sydney to achieve company goals.

To improve teamwork, team buildingactivities in Sydney must be incorporated to make the company a great place for work. One will not gain anything if they have unresolved conflicts. You can’t withstand being seated next to a colleague whom you have not spoken for hours, days, weeks, months or even years. If you are a human being, you need to talk and discuss with them so many things especially related to work. A single person cannot implement his own job without working and having critics from someone else,so his concepts can be validated.

If you engage in team building activities in Sydney, you draw your employees closer and make them happier while at work. It’s the only way for these people to enjoy work and have a fresh start each day. The relationships are improved and the bond among employees are strengthened. Hence, they head on to achieve a common goal.

If your company engages in team building activities, you minimise the possibilities of misunderstandings and confusions and communicate efficiently. Everyone has made their goals clear enough and they know what to expect from each one. They also improve their trust with each other; hence, they feel relaxed among themselves.

The productivity also improves when everyone works as a team. The work is divided among each other, so they achieve the objectives at a faster pace. People spend more time at work and eventually the company benefits a lot.

The team building activities in Sydney will make more people positive and confident at work. They show no stress as their work improves. Everyone seems positive and team members can express how they feel towards work.

Finding Quality Technicians For Faulty Boiler Systems

If you have a faulty boiler system, you should never attempt to do the repairs yourself. Trust a competent, Gas Safe registered technician to do the job for you, which you need to check on their website. Professionals know what to do with the boilers, as they are trained to troubleshoot the problem quick and easy. If a non-registered engineer does the repair, the boiler system’s warranty may be unvalidated, so it’s often good to play safe. Below is what you should look for in a boiler repair company:

  • Years in Business: Check if the boiler repair company has been in the business for so many years. The reason why they stay in business is having a solid customer base that has been loyal to them over the years. They provide their customers with high quality services; hence, they are sought after.


  • Partnered with Good Manufacturers: A reputed and reliable boiler repair company works with a network. They have dealt with manufacturers that provide the best support for their products. They are also knowledgeable and skilled when it comes to the parts and labors of a manufacturer’s boilers. You can check on their website for the manufacturers they have dealt with.


  • Price: The cost of the services is always an important factor when choosing the right company. You may need to gather at least three quotes to determine the best offer. If you pay for expensive services, it can be a waste of money. If you go for the cheapest, they may not be right for the service. Choose a competitive price that has expert technicians handling the repairs.


  • Customer Care and Support

A good boiler repair service will have the best customer service to respond to every query the customer wants to know. They can assist them with existing problems for repair or those that need further attention. Consider asking references for the latest jobs done. It should provide you hints on how they respond to the repairs.

  • Check for their Qualification and Accreditation

Technicians working for boiler repair companies are usually qualified for the job as they have undergone rigid training and experience before left to handle the job. You can check on their website if they are members of accredited bodies like the Association of Planning and Heating Contractors.


How To Choose An Electrician In Morningside

If you invest in shoddy electrical services, you surely pose some threats to the safety of your family and home. Furthermore, the faulty job done by an inexperienced and unlicensed professional may trigger more liabilities and injuries to others. Hence, it’s crucial to choose the best electrician in Morning side, Queensland for the job.

Choosing the Right Electrician

You need to know how and what an electrician in Morning side can do for your home. Be ready to list down the job description before hiring or contacting their services. You may also want to keep them for future jobs. For example, you may have electrical wirings installed or repaired in case you have an additional room added to your home. They can also make improvements like adding electrical outlets to your home.

The search for an electrician in Morning side may seem a daunting task, especially that you have to deal with many contractors. However, you can start your search using the Internet. Many electricians in the area offer their website to be easily found. Do some background check before hiring someone. You can visit some forums to see how they work or ask people you know about their services. You can also ask them if they know few good contractors.

Listing the Services of the Preferred Electricians

You need to list down all the licenced electrical professionals you may encounter. While their services may not assure you of excellent workmanship, but they can probably meet your needs and requirements. Ensure that the contractor comes with an insurance. Describe to him what needs to be done and what you can expect from him. Both you and the electrician should be in the same idea on how the work should be done. Once the contractor has responded to all the jobs you need, choose to work with a contract for agreement.

Should the electrician in Morningside propose another job done than what you have in mind, ask for an explanation and why they really need to do that. If you think his response isn’t enough, then move on to the next prospect. Working with an electrician in this area should never be a risky endeavour.


Signs Of Rodent Presence At Emirates Stadium

With millions of people visiting sports stadiums annually, it is critical to undertake pest control in Sydney as well as regular maintenance. Pest management is a big issue in sports stadiums because there are no restrictions to patrons bringing snacks and drinks while watching games. Rodents can be found anywhere there are food, water and shelter. If maintenance after the games is not properly undertaken, there is a big possibility for rodents to make the sports stadium their home.

The Arsenal Footfall team was forced to deal with rodent infestation after it received a hygiene report from the city council. The Emirates Stadium which is known as the home of the Arsenalswas inspected and it was discovered that there is extensive evidence of rodent activity.

Several kitchens in the ground with some of them servicing VIP boxes were found out to have droppings. Signs of rodent activity were discovered in the Diamond Club Kitchen, Cox Kitchen 7 and the Woolwich Bar. The report from the city council also criticized the failure of the Emirates Stadium managementto properly report the issue so that it can be dealt with immediately.

According to The Mail, inspectors have strong reasons to believe that there more pest issues in the Emirates particularly in the areas that they have not inspected. The inspectors also criticized the lack of maintenance in certain areas. It seemed that some of the maintenance staff was unaware of the rodent issues because of the food debris that have not been removed.

The report that was sent to the Arsenals demanded checking of mouse activity every time the stadium is opened. Staff must be provided with torches so that they can inspect droppings under equipments. The Arsenals were also ordered to use authorized rodenticide treatment to control the pests. The Arsenals have responded to the report and are now dealing with the rodent issue.

If you notice droppings around food sources, scratching on the walls, gnawing and climbing sounds at night and ammonia-like smell, call pest control in Sydney immediately so that they can deal with your rodent issues properly. The pest control company will determine the right control strategies to manage rodents.