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Oklahoma Mulls Over 2 Options For A New Soccer Stadium

Sports fans will undoubtedly enjoy a new experience if sports stadiums have a custom map illustration that can help with way-finding. During match days, thousands of fans make their way to the stadium and things can get pretty stressful. A custom map illustration of a stadium can be studied at home so that fans can determine different points of interest like merchandise stalls and food and drinks vendors.

Two options are being considered by the Oklahoma City Council for a proposed soccer/multi-use stadium. One of the considerations is for $37 million to $42 million with more or less 8,000 seats. The capacity is ideal for mid-level concerts, state high school football championships, boxing events and cultural festivities. The regulation-size field could host soccer, lacrosse, rugby and American football.

The second option is for $67 million to $72 million with 10,000 seats. It can host 18,000 people for concerts with a roof or shade structure over the seating. There are two stages with the bigger one for concerts and the smaller one for more intimate events.

A multi-use soccer stadium can address some of the biggest challenges like the lack of complimentary pieces in and around the present location at Taft Stadium. Parking is a big problem and concessionaires are not allowed to cook in the venue. Entrance and exit are also serious challenges. There is no regulation-size pitch that can provide an authentic soccer experience.

It is pretty obvious that the Producers Cooperative Oil Mill property would be a good location for a stadium; however, there is also the 7-acre Wheeler Park. If they could find a way to make everything work, the Strawberry Fields west of Scissortail Park would be a good option. The most pressing issue is the league because the United States Soccer Organization will no longer tolerate the present location due to its field size.

In a stadium with 10,000 capacity, it will be difficult for fans to find their way unless there is map for directions. Meanwhile, a custom map illustration will be more interesting to sports fans because it is created in an informative and skillful way using color, style and a human’s point of view.

Brisbane Video Production Producing Live Sports

Everyone wants to enjoy their nice weekend afternoon watching some of their favourite sports shows on TV. But just like how Santa Claus works on Christmas, so does a whole crew of people spending their weekends at work, simply to deliver the right entertainment for you. These people never complain about their jobs as they are doing what they love – and that is to work in live sports production, especially created by a Brisbane video production, sothey stay close to the action. It’s no ordinary job to do but you’ll see a marvellous finished product.

To understand every single detail happening in the Brisbane video production, a veteran sports producer Dennis Kirkpatrick has been invited to make you feel what it’s like to work in such production. The renowned producer has worked with outstanding networks such as CNN, Fox Sports and ESPN. So, here’s what the famous producer Kirkpatrick’s does in his work:

Preparing for the Game Day

The most important part of the week is to prepare for the game day. Unexpected things can likely happen during a live Brisbane video production, but if you are ready for all things you can control, you can easily react on those you can’t handle. To prepare you for a live sports production, you have to know the forwards and backwards of each team; the preparation of the show; taking care and handling the minor details; ensuring great surroundings; and, coordinate with your talent. All these need you to communicate to have the best sports show ever.

As a TV producer, there is never a regular day. You need to treat each day differently, even if you use the same formats every day. Those people working for sports shows can’t afford to fail in the production standpoint. People need to see it on TV like it was just shown live.

The Game Day!

According to Kirkpatrick, his average day begins at around 1PM Pacific. You need to have a special group to handle the sports broadcast of the day for American and Australian viewers. The disadvantage of such Brisbane video production is having you get up really early. However, the benefits make you come home early at night.

Social Activist Uses Art And Words To Empower Others

Phoebe Wahl is a social activist as well as an artist with the goal to change how society works using only her artworks. She makes artwork, word art and sketches that are centered in various themes such as marriage between people of the same sex, body positivity and the controversial but timely Black Lives Matter. Her work can be viewed through her Instagram account and it is also shared in various social media platforms. When she participates in social events for a cause, she makes sure to display her artworks on site.

She is known for her love of flowers, winter scenarios, fairies and wood nymphs but what she wants to convey to the world is so much more. These tiny details are unnoticeable unless you have looked at her entire art pieces.

We are living in such a competitive and demanding society that people forget the two most important things – love and acceptance.

Every day is a struggle for some people because they have the need to stand their ground in order to protect their right which is more so than others. While there are those who feel that they have the duty to stand up for other people especially those who are not able to defend themselves.

No is such a strong word often used by many that people think they should always fight in order for them to get what belongs to them. It does not mean we have to be socially active and public about the issues we believe in but remaining true to those people around us is essential. Change is only possible through us and supporting one another is what matters.

Black Live Matter is a campaign which many people stand up for. They can support the cause in the form of writing articles, making word art or selling merchandise that will help the movement. This is what the arts of Phoebe is all about – it makes people think and be honest about how they truly feel. She voices her opinion through something beautiful and is making every effort to see social change in this present age.

When Football Becomes Embroiled Into A Political Controversy

Many people are passionate about sports. You will find them busy reading through the latest statistics of their favorite NBA or NFL teams. Others have in their possession a canvas art print of their beloved surfer catching the waves. The favorite photographs of your sports idols while on action can be transformed into high quality canvas prints that you can admire on the walls of the home.

Recently, NFL players became the subject of controversy when they took the knee while the US national anthem was playing. At least 70% of NFL players are black; however, their fans are 80% white and 63% male. It seems that some players want to play and be paid and yet be able to voice out their opinions on certain topics.

The league wants its team owners to be happy but it also wants to make sure that players are given the platform to voice out their concerns. The most obvious solution is a discussion but the issue is difficult to resolve. According to NFL Commissioner, Rodger Goodell, owners and players discussed during a two-day meeting that the league will work with players on the issues that affect their communities.

The league’s handbook will not be changed. The policy that players should stand during the national anthem is not a rule. Players are encouraged to stand but there is no clear answer whether the player will be disciplined by the owners if he takes the knee.

Sport has always been a site for expression of tensions in society. For example, if a black player is subjected to a form of discipline, it sends the message of disciplining all black bodies all over the country. However, there are people who believe that fans are not interested on the political opinions of players.  The implications go beyond football and people can expect more tweets.

The photograph of your favorite player can be happily transformed into canvas art print with the assurance that the image will look great. There is also the option of split canvas prints wherein the total size will remain the same but will consist of smaller prints to look its absolute best.