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How To Get The Right White Bathroom Tiles

Tiles play an important role in your bathroom. Even if your bathroom has the best design there is, failing to choose the right tiles can give a devastating effect on its total feel and look. Choosing the right type of tiles can make your bathroom an important highlight in your home.

Getting the right white bathroom tiles makes your ordinary bathroom fabulously beautiful without even changing much of its design. Size, material, colour, shape, and finish come importantly into play when choosing white bathroom tiles in your home, but there are still other factors to take into account as well. Here’s to help you in your selection.

  • Shape and size

The shape, size, and bathroom layout will influence also the shape and size of the tiles. The general rule is, the larger the bathroom, the larger also the tiles, and true on the opposite as well. However, there are no clear and strict rules on this. It really depends on the design, layout, and style of the bathroom. Contrary to common thinking, bigger tiles in small bathrooms can make a contrasting effect and bring an impression.

  • Grout

Grout lines can affect the look of your tiles when not properly thought of. Grouts on small tiles appear great, however, be mindful that many grout lines can make them appear too busy and unpleasant. The colour of the grout can significantly influence the aesthetic of your bathroom.

  • Proportion

Make sure that proportions work well together when using two different tile sizes in the bathroom. The lines must line up in all areas they meet.

  • Finish and colour

There are numerous amazing tiles available in the market, but if they don’t complement in style, finish, and colour of your bathroom and its fittings, they will quickly lose their charm.

  • Natural light

It is ideal to use light-coloured tiles when your bathroom is not well lit as they become more reflective with brighter space. In contrast, if there are plenty of natural brightness coming in, satin or semi-gloss tiles are the better alternatives. Using the same colours on the floor and wall of your bathroom can bring out a roomy feel.

Choosing the right tiles for your bathroom is essential as it can either make or spoil the whole thing which can also cost you a lot.

Marshal University To Build A New Baseball Stadium

There are high resistant multi-purpose outdoor floor tiles that can be used for volleyball, tennis, field hockey, multi-sport and recreational areas. There are tile materials with extraordinary capabilities that make it perfect as a playing surface. It is resistant to stresses and allows the shoes to adhere for safety and control.

Marshall University has indeed taken a huge step in building a baseball stadium when Mike Hamrick the school’s athletic director announced that they have hired an architect to take to care of the design. There were more than 75 former Thundering Herd baseball players in the Big Green Room of Joan C. Edwards Stadium when Hamrick made the announcement.

The name of the architect was not divulged to the media but photographs of the proposed stadium were displayed. The stadium will be located at Flint Group Pigments Plant property that was formerly called BASF on 2401 5th Avenue. The price of the property is $1.2 million.

The players and coaches were visibly elated when they heard the announcement but the happiest was legendary Marshall head baseball coach, Jack Cook who was the coach of Marshall from 1967 to 1989. He won the most games with Thundering Herd than any coach in the school’s sport’s history.

At present, Marshall plays non-conference baseball games at George T. Smailes Field located at YMCA Kennedy Centre. Conference USA home games are being played at the Appalachian Power Plant located in Charleston and Linda K. Epling Stadium in Beckley, West Virginia. Jeff Waggoner, the current Marshal coach hopes that they no longer need to take the bus to Charleston or Beckley once they have their new ballpark.

The stadium is long overdue. It is embarrassing for a league like Conference USA to have to travel elsewhere for games. With the new ballpark, Marshal hopes that more students will be attracted to the program.

If you are planning on building an outdoor game court, the best option is outdoor floor tiles that can withstand aggressive play while preventing injuries from slip and fall accidents. The tiles must have a surface that is perfect for sports with the shock-absorbing technology that can increase the enjoyment for any sport.

Trends In Amber Tiles

There are numerous bathroom tile fashions every year that you can choose from to suit your desires and taste. Many are moving toward a tranquil bathroom style that gives a feeling of calmness and a peaceful feeling for a more relaxing experience when you use it. You can add some interiors like accessories, indoor plants, and warm decors.

Thin design outlines

It’s amazing that Amber tiles offer thin designs that appear remarkably strong while turning bathrooms into astonishing works. A subtle thin design with thin shelves and extremely slim benchtops are indeed timeless and the perfect combination for a sophisticated aesthetics.

Large designs

Bigger tiles are ideal for heavy traffic places. Big tiles look beautiful with large layouts because they create a spacious look with beautiful and elegant interiors. The smooth and continuous finish of large layout in Amber tiles gives fewer grout lines that make it advantageous for easier maintenance and cleaning. Whatever tile look you want, be it polished, matte, semi-polished, or glazed, large layout tiles give you flexible design choices to suit your lifestyle, personality, and homes.


Most home designs are mostly based on our lifestyle, which gives a balance with our surroundings. Getting an inspiration from nature would lead us to combine natural materials in our homes that give a sense of nature that is relaxing to the eyes. We give credit to the advancement of technology that makes it possible for a porcelain tile to look like a natural stone. Having this kind of design would bring nature into your home.

Timeless surface

The usual high-end and elegantly-polished tiles are now shifted to the beauty of porcelain tiles that have a matte finish. The coarse appearance is a favourite choice to get your desired natural and conventional look. Matte tiles are a perfect option for indoor and outdoor floors because of its durability and strong grip finish for both wet and dry settings.

Soft patterns

Many household owners look for gentle designs that lead to soft pattern exterior surfaces. Many homes like to have soft surfaces that are designed by a mixture of different stones that create a unique pattern and texture without looking too overwhelming.

Hottest Bathroom Trends In 2018

Bathroom is not only a place for hygiene; it is increasingly used for relaxation and beauty. This is the place where you feel comfortable and fresh. Due to this reason, there is a growing trend of designer bathrooms which are lavishly and tastefully decorated.

Before you start designing your bathroom or start making plans to remodel it, here are the latest bathroom trends gaining popularity:

  • Practical storage spaces that take less space. Wall hanging cabinets, mirrored bathroom cabinets and corner units are seeing a rise in popularity. These cabinets save space in the room. The use of mirrors makes the bathroom appear large and spacious. The cabinets have compartments and drawers to neatly organize your bathroom utilities and linens.
  • Style with a touch of originality is a major trend that will be vogue always. Add a touch of originality with warm colors, wall papers that mimic nature or walls adorned with recovered wood.
  • Ceramics are slowly gaining popularity. Ceramic tiles for showers, ceramic floor tiles and ceramic basins. Tone on tone, patch work and graphic designs are the new style in ceramic prints.
  • Natural stones like Marble and Quartz are getting popular for tiles and basins.
  • Mix and match theme to break the monotony is in trend. Using Asymmetrical shapes in tiles and accessories is going to be rage in the coming years.
  • Multifunctional showers equipped with steam system, linear drain, anti-fog mirror, racks for holding soaps and shampoos and so on are seeing an increase in demand.
  • Frameless glass shower enclosures that suit any type of bathroom decor and give a spacious look to small bathrooms are in trend. They give the bathroom a neat and contemporary look.
  • Bath tub is slowing seeing an increase in demand. The increasing demand for luxury in bathrooms led to innovation of a variety of baths that require less space. They come in different shapes like square, oval and round.
  • Technology has entered into bathrooms. Motion sensor temperature settings and lights, mirrors with LED lightings, towel dryers and touch screen mirrors are gaining popularity among tech savvy generation.
  • Wooden furniture is always in trend. It gives a natural and warm look to the interior. Wood is used in different forms like hardwood flooring, mirrored bathroom cabinets in Oak and vanity units made of wood.