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Athlete Endorsements That Run To Millions Of Dollars

Big brands are trying all types of innovative marketing strategies from consumer reviews to athlete endorsements. However, both employees and clients are not paid to provide feedback in the form of King Kong agency review but endorsements from popular sports figures can run to millions of dollars. Benefits can be rewarding particularly for big brands.

Sports stars like Lionel Messi and Stephen Curry are adored by millions and it is only fair for them to capitalize on their popularity. A great part of their money does not actually come from sports but endorsements.

Athletes endorsing brands is not something new but back in the day, an endorsement was just like little side money to complement their sports earnings. When Michael Jordan earned a $5 million deal with Nike in 1984, it set a precedent for the larger roles that athletes play in the sportswear and streetwear business sphere.

The biggest endorsements came from popular sports stars making it their primary source of income. Sports stars who have millions of fans all over the world are frequently backed by a prominent sports brand like Nike or Adidas.

Stephen Curry is on the 9th place of Forbes list of the World’s Highest-Paid Athletes in 2019. He has a generous annual contract with Golden State Warriors worth $34.9 million. However, his $42 million income from Under Armour endorsements exceeds whatever he earns from basketball.

Lionel Messi is the second-highest-paid athlete in the world. His annual salary for playing football exceeds $80 million annually. His yearly endorsement income is only $20 million but he is one of Adidas’ highest-paid endorsers.

Roger Federer is a 20-time Grand Slam winner. He has benefited from Nike’s sponsorship deals but one day at the Wimbledon Court, he was photographed wearing the Japanese brand Uniqlo. The new deal is potentially worth about $300 million over the next 10 years.

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No Fan Attendance In Sports Tournaments

The whole world is concerned about the spread of corona virus and sports is not an exemption. If you have closely followed the sports ecosystem in recent years, if is very likely that you have noticed the decline in attendance. Soaring TV rights deals means that sports on TV is a better option for sports fans.

Last Wednesday, NCAA announced that the basketball tournament will push through but with limited staff and family attendance. The Golden State Warriors also announced that home games will proceed as scheduled but without fans at the Chase Centre.

The idea of playing to near-to-empty arenas as opposed to cancelling the events altogether does not seem ethical for the fans who want a traditional sports experience. Part of the excitement in an NCAA tournament is the enthusiasm of fans. It is difficult to imagine “March Madness” without the roaring crowd during every buzzer beater and painted faces in varying degrees.

The reality is few fans are attending the games because of the higher ticket prices and the lure of TV. More games are being televised because it is the way that overseers of sports manage their product. Sports directors benefit from the increases in TV rights but this has also allowed TV networks like ESPN to dictate when games are to be played.

TV has been prioritized over the in-person experience. However, playing solely for TV is extreme and expresses a trend that has been gradually building. Talk and late night TV programs can proceed without studio audience but not sports. According to CBS Sports Chairman Sean McManus, absence of fans could greatly alter the atmosphere of NCAA tournament. Dynamics would not hurt ratings because more people will be staying at home to watch sports on TV.

Eventually, everything will return to normal and crowds in sports tournament will return because they love the games.

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Pittsburgh Steelers Try Golf For A Change

Remember when you were kid and how excited you were to head to family fun days instead of sitting inside the classroom? The excitement level is usually through the roof and that is the same feeling experienced by the Pittsburgh Steelers in one of their organized team building activities. The team headed to Topgolf to try something new.

There is no doubt that the Pittsburgh Steelers are great at football but how about professional golf? One Monday morning which was supposed to be another OTA session, the players headed off to Topgolf for a day of fun. Since Mike Tomlin took over as head coach of the Steelers a day-off has been utilized for team building so that players can connect off the field.

According to Ramon Foster, if is fun how the faces of the players light up when they learned that there is no practice and instead they are going outside for team building. The guys are always inside a building and Tomlin made it an annual tradition to give the players a day of fun during OTA’s.

In order for the players to work cooperatively with one another, they have to get know each other in some informal activities outside the game. The guys must be provided with a platform where they can enjoy themselves and form bonds.

Since the guys are professional athletes, they are expected to be competitive and do not like to lose in anything they do. Defensive coordinator Keith Butler is considered as one of the best golfers in the group but the players cannot resist challenging him.

Every day, the players go to work and spend very little time together. For the rookies, team building is the perfect opportunity to get to know the veterans outside the facility. They gain a better understanding on the mindset of the veterans. Friendships and relationships are created with the people they are working with.

Aside from team building activities, companies can also opt for family fun days and picnics for their employees. The day can be entertaining and rewarding because the event will bring together employees and their families to bond. Workforce cohesion can be improved because of the opportunities for the employees to connect with each other.