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Phuket Seeking To Upgrade Five More International Airports

A few years ago, the answer the demand for more hotel rooms in Phuket, many developers opened accommodations in the island including which is currently one of the most booked. To further improve its tourism industry, Phuket is planning to upgrade more international airports around the resort island.

Next week is one of the most anticipated events in Phuket known as the Third Global Aviation Cooperation Symposium to be attended by members of ICAO or International Civil Aviation Organisation. It serves as a gathering for those who are in the aviation department because they will tackle the most pressing issues in the aviation of Thailand. Authorities who will be coming to the event are proposing to request the United Nation agency to grant the endorsement of five additional airports in Phuket serving international routes.

During the same event in Phuket, local authorities want to ask for the recognition from the International Civil Aviation Organisation so that the UdonThani airport will be promoted as the latest international airport in the country.

The symposium will last for three days starting on July 22 and will end on July 24. The reason why the event was organized is partly due to the potential that was seen by ICAO with regards to the aviation sector of Thailand. This piece of information was disclosed by Chula Sukmanop, the current chief of the CAAT or Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand.

It was in 2017 when ICAO imposed a red flag on Thailand’s aviation because it did not comply with the international standards with regards to safety concerns. Mr. Chula said that they are not stopping here since they are still trying to improve. In fact, CAAT is planning to request for the endorsement of ICAO in order for them to upgrade five airports including Samui, Krabi, Hua Hin, Surat Thani and UdonThani.

More tourists are recorded to have visited which means many are planning to visit Phuket in the coming months. Mr. Chula wanted to make sure that they are complying with the international standards for aviation in order to avoid being red flagged for the second time.

Tokyo Fears Hotel Shortage Over 2020 Olympics

It is given that the world is replete with a multitude of world-class hotels such as the Novotel in Phuket ( and a whole lot more. If only these hotel could flock to the Japanese capital, then most likely Tokyo would no longer have any problem when it hosts the most prestigious international sports event next year.

In line with the conduct of 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan, it is feared that the Japanese capital would experience a shortage in the number of hotels which could accommodate the massive number of participants who will be flocking to the city.

Despite the increase of the number of infrastructures constructed in Tokyo these past few years, it is estimated that an additional 14,000 rooms would still be needed as shown by a research study.

An Offshore Solution

In order to answer this problem, the Japanese government is opening itself to the possibility of putting up giant ships which will be docked off in Tokyo and Yokohama throughout the conduct of the Olympics.

A lot of travel agencies have already agreed to the idea such as JTB which has already chartered the Sun Princess for the Olympic period. In addition, the agency is offering packages that combine rooms but they come a bit pricey.

The Solution Comes at a Price

The agency has confided that it is confident of the demand as hotel shortages would be very inevitable. For the record, almost two thousand dollars would be spent in a room with a balcony for two nights (with a football ticket), while almost seven dollars would be spent on a 50-square meter suite for two nights (with a baseball ticket).

Aside from the above cruise ship, Tokyo and Chiba prefecture are also looking for other possible cruise ships. It could be remembered that Japan has banned the use of hotel rooms without windows, but just last year, they have allowed the use of windowless cabins for major events.

Nevertheless, despite their offshore solution, it still remains unclear whether the shortage of hotels ( would be compensated by the ships. Hence, Tokyo plans to open new additional terminals as the Olympic games near.

Tim Hortons To Conquer Bangkok, Thailand

There is one more thing guests at a serviced apartment in Bangkok will have to look forward to – Tim Hortons! The popular coffee shop chain was based in Toronto, Canada. They are known for serving coffee, sandwiches and fried donuts popularly called Timbits which are bit-sized goodness and now the capital city of Thailand will be able to experience all of them.

Despite it being a coffee shop, what most people rave about is the donuts that they are selling. The company recently made an announcement that it is planning to extend its reach into one of the top travel destinations in Asia.

According to Alex Macedo, the president of Tim Hortons, they are already excited to start the expansion and introduce the Tims brand to the people of Thailand in order to achieve their goal to become a global brand in the market. Thailand is also known in the region for its coffee market and the chosen partner by the Tims brand is also an expert when it comes to the local market. Therefore, they are positive that they will make a successful entrance into Thailand.

The announcement by the company failed to go into details as to when the flagship branch will be available to the public or where it will be constructed. The only thing they have disclosed is their partnership with a company called WeEat in order to help them in marketing their brand.

According to the company, they are going to feature local Thai dishes along with the regular menu found in Tim Hortons all over the world. Tim Hortons was originally established in 1964 with the first branch constructed in Ontario. The coffee shop was named after its founder who is also a hockey player. The chain was then acquired by Burger King five years ago.

As of writing, the chain has over 4,800 branches spread out in 14 countries in the world. Tim Hortons is a welcome chain for locals and tourists staying at serviced apartment in Bangkok after other food chain from North America started the trend including Jamba Juice, Krispy Kreme and Ihop.

Muay Thai Global Popularity Increased Due To UFC And MMA

One of the activities offered by Phuket resort with pool access is the opportunity to learn the basics of ancient martial art and the traditional Muay Thai. Muay Thai is actually a practical fighting technique that started in the middle of the 18th century and became a sport. Many visitors to Thailand watch Muay Thai contests for entertainment.

Lion Fight Promotions that was founded in 2010 is North America’s premier Muay Thai organization that has successfully promoted the dynamic sport in the United States. The growth of Muay Thai’s global popularity has increased significantly due to UFC and MMA. Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu are the two fundamental disciplines associated to MMA. Together, the two sports cover every aspect of unarmed combat.

Will Magnus “Crazy Viking” Andersson become one of the world’s best in Thailand’s Muay Thai? Crazy Viking is a Phuket-based Muay Thai champion who invaded Las Vegas last March 30. He took on US-based Brazilian fighter, Washington Luiz at Lion Fight 53. Andersson was confident from the beginning and knew that he will win the middleweight bout. He made a big impression after forcing a 3rd round doctor’s stoppage because his opponent could barely continue to fight.

Andersson started learning Muay Thai 10 years ago in Halmstad, Sweden. He wanted to learn how to fight after experiencing a beating at the school playground. He wanted to be able to defend himself so he joined the local Muay Thai club along with 5 of his friends. Andersson believed that Muay Thai is too good to walk away from.

After 3 years, Andersson had his first amateur fight and won. He won 13 fights and he is now on the path to becoming a Swedish and Nordic champion. For the past 2 and half years, Andersson has been training in Thailand where he flies the flag of the Kingdom as sponsored fighter.

Aside from the chance to learn Muay Thai, Phuket resort with pool access also offers the unique aqua gym experience. The resort wants its guests to experience their best memories in Phuket from the wide range of activities that have become part of hotel life. There is always an activity for everyone including children.

Thailand And Southeast Asia To Remain Resilient Despite Economic Turmoil, Says New Nordic Group

According to the New Nordic Group, Thailand, together with other emerging economies in Southeast Asia, are in a good position to prosper despite the increasing rates of the US Federal Reserve Bank for the next twelve months, as well as tariffs from the United States.


The rising construction, hotel, and hospitality management company recently invested in a 4 star hotel in Pattaya. With 152 rooms, the 4 star hotel in Pattaya is set to be a huge project for the area, together with a family vacation area in Phuket.

The New Nordic Water World in Phuket features facilities that families from all over the world would enjoy. Situated in a 377,000 square-feet property, it has recreational facilities for both children and adults, studio rooms, and one and two bedroom condos as well.

The New Nordic Group

It isn’t uncommon for the New Nordic Group to have ten or more buildings being developed at one point in time. They expect a new infrastructure to be completed each month. They employ more than 1,000 employees all around the world, providing strives to one of the largest markets: Chinese tourists. The recent developments in Thailand have been just right, as the country is China’s top choice in tourism. In 2016 alone more than 9 million Chinese tourists visited Thailand.

Aside from hotels and resorts, the company also constructs and manages condos, villas, apartments, and holiday villages with their own leisure facilities. They have various real-estate options for those who want to relocate or start a new business in a new location.

About the Company

The New Nordic Group is a real estate firm based in Hong Kong with various developing projects in different areas in Southeast Asia including the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and Cambodia. They are currently working on 100 projects.

CEO Kurt Svendheim first came to Asia in 2008 and saw the region as a potential location for land development and holiday apartments. Bringing is 30 years of expertise in the field; he has built a company with young and dedicated professionals in real estate, finance, hotel and hospitality, and development.

Budget Friendly Attractions In Bangkok

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand. The city is popular for its nightlife and street food. Scores of tourists visit the city from around the world to experience the happening nightlife of the city and shop at the high-end designer malls and the Street Side shopping destinations.

The city has a range of tourist attractions and accommodation options to suit the budget and preferences of different travellers. Family and business travellers looking for a convenient hotel in Sukhumvit can book their stay with the hotel in Ploenchit, which offers world class amenities and modern conveniences.

Apart from shopping in the glitzy malls and experiencing the high-end nightlife at the happening bars and fine dining restaurants, Bangkok also has some budget friendly attractions for the tourists.

  1. Lumphini park

It is the largest park in the city. Tourists can enjoy taking a boat ride in the lake or explore the beautiful garden on foot. There are many activities like yoga classes, kite flying sessions, orchestral concerts, and Tai-chi classes happening in the park. The park is just ten minutes away from the convenient hotel in Ploenchit and can also be reached through BRT and MTS trains.

  1. Dusit Zoo

The zoo is located near the Dusit Palace. The zoo is home to over sixteen hundred animals from around the world. Kids love visiting the zoo and have a look at the different animals like the hippos, Bengal white tigers, Asiatic Blacks bears and the giraffes. The zoo conducts plenty of entertainment activities and shows all through the day. The zoo is located in the old city. Tourists staying at the hotel in Ploenchit, can take the BTS to victory monument and then a taxi to the zoo.

  1. Bang Krachao

Tourists wanting to get away from the maddening traffic and crowded streets of the city can plan a day trip to Bang Krachao. The man-made island hosts a floating market on the weekends. You can also visit the Sri Nakhon Kuenkhan Park on the green island and explore the wide expanse of green space. The island is located at Samut Prakan. Tourists staying at the hotel in Ploenchit, close to the Ploen chit BTS, can take a train to BTS Bang NA and hire a taxi from the Bang Na BTS to Bang Na pier to take a ferry to the Bang Krachao.