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Remember To Do This When Advertising Review Feedback…

Digital marketing has opened up numerous ways to advertise your products and services. Social media, e-mail newsletters, paid ads on Google, and promoted posts are just some of the ways you can reach potential consumers.

But just like billboards in Times Square, ads can get overwhelming for a user and they tend to put on horse blinders and ignore all the paid content being fed to them everywhere on the internet.

This is where your ad has to stand out.

One of the reasons people ignore ads is because it doesn’t relate to them. They think that the brands are overselling their product features or that the claims being made are not true. Hey, who can blame them, right? There are tons of scams on the internet and it’s not surprising that one would feel suspicious.

As a brand, your goal is to sell the truth. No spins. No hype.

And when you use real, honest customer reviews and display them in your ads, you are selling precisely the truth. So the one thing you can do is to keep it real.

  • People like hearing word-of-mouth and real experiences, because they feel they can relate to it more.
  • When you advertise testimonials, you are showing that you value your customers’ insights and experiences. You can see how King Kong advertising review on its website shows how important customer feedback is to them.
  • It also increases your brand reputation as one that is trustworthy and credible.

Beyond numbers and statistics, nothing matters more to your business than having loyal and satisfied customers. This is why in today’s digital age, it’s important to keep that human aspect in e-commerce and online marketing by putting customers first.

Omnicom Wins Partnership With Philips

Royal Philips (NYSE: PHG) recently chose Omnicom Media Group Inc. as its latest global partner. The marketing agency will now be in charge of handling integrated creative, media, and communications for the global conglomerate.

This partnership will consolidate the US$300mn account, with Omnicom to handle things on behalf of the Dutch conglomerate.

Royal Philips will work alongside OMD for media, alongside TBWA for creative, and Fleishman Hillard and Ketchum for communications, with additional support from Omnicom Precision Marketing Group, Interbrand, and Critical Mass.

Notably, Fleishman Hillard and Ketchum are long-time partners with Philips, with a successful decade-long relationship.

Royal Philips Chief Marketing and E-Commerce Officer Lorraine Barber-Miller issued a statement on the development, saying that, as the company works on extending their reach as a global health tech solutions provide, they’re looking for partners to help, which is why they chose Omnicom.

They say that Omnicom will help Philips provide personalized customer experiences that’ll let Philips deliver the company purpose – helping improve the health and well-being of people across the globe with technology – in the ways that people want.

Omnicom Group Chairman and CEO John Wren stated that they’re delight to have been chosen as Philips integrated agency partner, and they’re looking forward to help the Dutch conglomerate move forward into the future.

Omnicom was chosen following a competitive five-month review process, where applicants were scrutinized by Philips’ consultant, R3. The review process was a step above the usual king kong marketing agency review, and Wren stated that they managed to win it by carefully leveraging the strength of Omnicom’s agencies in a model that brought together culture, creativity, and technology.


How Video Testimonials Affect Purchasing Decisions

Over the last few years, content has undergone a significant transformation with videos emerging as a powerful way to connect to the audience. With the popularity of mobile, it is very difficult for people to resist the informative and entertaining content of videos.

However, in spite of the advantages of video marketing, many marketers still believe that it is easier to produce blogs, case studies and white paper. Fresh video content is not actually complicated to produce; it is just being familiar with the kind of video content that will people will engage with.

For example, product reviews are some of the most effective video content particularly for consumers who are in the decision phase of their purchasing journey. Product reviews from customers can establish trust and credibility with the audience. Reviews can dispel doubts and show viewers the unique benefits that a product or service offers. Customer reviews can provide all the necessary information to make confident purchase decisions.

Video testimonials can highlight an existing customer that is happy and satisfied with the brand. The key here is to use real customers not actors. Reach out to the satisfied customer base and request for genuine video testimonials on how a product was able to solve their problem effectively.

Consumers will always have some reservations when it comes to making a purchasing decision. A digital marketing agency makes use of king kong advertising reviews on YouTube to remove whatever doubts that exist on their client’s minds. Customer experience is enhanced on the videos to get their message across.

News Corp And Facebook Cement Agreement For The AU

News Corp recently cemented a three-year agreement with Facebook Inc. Australia, the company reported early in March 2021, calling it a victory over regarding news organizations get compensation from big tech.

In February 2021, AU parliament passed a law requiring Google and Facebook pay media companies for the use of content, following negotiations that saw Facebook blocking new content across the country. The legislation got a lot of global attention, with countries like Canada and Britain considering similar steps, with the goal of ensuring that local news media is properly protected and compensated.

News Corp CEO Robert Thomson stated that the agreement with Facebook is a landmark for changing journalism in Australia, and they’re expecting it to have a big impact on news businesses across the country.

News Corp in February also struck a deal with Google for a subscription platform, as well as sharing advertising revenue and video journalism.

The Facebook agreement covers News Corp’s national newspaper, The Australian, as well as the smaller papers like the Daily Telegraph in NSW. News Corp reported that Sky News Australia also cemented an agreement with Facebook.

The details of the deal were not displaced, but Facebook News says that it expands on an old agreement in October 2019, when Facebook paid News Corp’s US publication for access to Facebook News.

Andrew Hunter stated that they’re committed to making sure the AU gets Facebook news, pointing towards the other deals between News Corp and other major media platforms.

The legislation behind this whole matter has been a must-watch topic for people in digital marketing like king kong sabri suby, as the effects of Facebook’s maneuvers affect so much in the market.

Ugly Christmas Sweater: What To Do With Them After Holidays

The Christmas season is just around the bend. Celebrities and people, in general are starting to shop for ugly Christmas sweaters before stocks run out. While there is available ready-to-wear Ugly Christmas Sweater, you can make your sweater even more interesting by personalizing it. There are online shops that offer personalized ugly Christmas sweaters. All you have to do is log in to the shop’s website and utilize their in-house tool for sweater customization. You will find handmade sweaters by knitters in China.Every piece is provided with ample attention making your ugly Christmas sweater unique and attractive for the holiday season.

If you are not sure what to do with your ugly Christmas sweater after the holidays, you can donate them to charitable institutions or hand them out to donation boxes for the homeless. While a lot of celebrities reach out to the homeless during Christmas season, you don’t have to be a celebrity to help others when you just have to have a good heart to help others in ways you can. Also, if you would rather keep your Ugly Christmas Sweater for the next holiday season, keep it in your cabinet for clothes or the storage roomfor future use. You can also use it during custom or theme parties.

When the holiday season is over, run through your closet and the storage boxes in your storage room or attic for those ugly sweaters and other things that you can donate to the Salvation Army or charitable organizations. You can find a lot of institutions and foundations that accept cash or in kind donations all throughout the year. If you would rather keep your ugly Christmas sweaters for the coming years, keep them in a box and place some mothballs in it to prevent damages and insects. Store the ugly sweater in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight.This way, you get to enjoy your Ugly Christmas Sweater the season and in the coming years. Only purchase an ugly Christmas sweater from reputable suppliers to ensure high quality products at affordable prices.

Eight Points To Remember While Shopping For Children’s Footwear

Shoes play a vital role in providing proper support to the feet and ankles. They also help to maintain proper posture while walking and running. It is very important to buy well- fitting shoes for children to protect them from sudden slips and to help them achieve proper posture. Whether shopping for back-to-school shoes or casual wear shoes for your child, there are many factors that should be considered before making the final selection.

Here are some of the useful tips provided by certified children’s podiatrist in Sydney, to help you choose the right pair of shoes for your children.

  1. It is important to keep in mind that the size and shape of children’s feet change according to their age. Most of the well-known children’s podiatrist in Sydney, suggest to get the feet size measured regularly and buy suitable foot wear. It is advisable to measure the foot size, every few months.
  2. Popular children’s podiatrist in Sydney, advice parents to watch out for signs of irritation on the child’s feet. Ill-fitting shoes often aggravate the feet and are uncomfortable to walk.
  3. Refrain from sharing or exchanging footwear of other children. A pair that fits one child may not fit the other. Sharing or handing down footwear also results in the spread of fungal infections like athletes foot.
  4. It is essential to examine the heels of the shoes regularly. Consult a children’s podiatrist in Sydney, if you notice any uneven heel wear in the shoes used by your children.
  5. Reputed podiatrists advise parents to take their children while going for shoe shopping. Every pair of shoes fits differently and it is advisable to let your children try on the shoes and select a pair, they are comfortable to walk-in. The shoe must fit perfectly and provide good support to the feet.
  6. According to children’s podiatrists, it is always better to buy the size that fits the larger foot. The size of both the feet is not always the same.
  7. Experienced children’s podiatrist in Sydney, advise parents to buy shoes that are comfortable in the first use. They should not require a break-in period. Encourage your children to try the shoes along with socks, if they wear socks regularly with shoes.