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Importance Of Sending A Child To An International School In Bangkok Thailand

The growing number of international schools in a certain region is a good sign that the country is trying its best to provide better school options for its locals. However, this also poses a challenge for parents who want to enrol their children to the best international school in their country. Every parent only wants to give the best for their children, including the school where their children should attend.

What are the things that make an international school in Bangkok Thailand popular among parents and local students? Everyone agrees that going to an international school can make a student stand out. The quality of education that international schools provide is much better than most schools in Thailand. Also, their fees are more expensive than most schools. This should not be surprising, considering the many benefits and advantages that come along with it.

Some of the Things that Make Parents Choose International Schools

  1. Small Class Size

Public schools tend to have a huge number of students in a class. This makes it impossible for teachers to monitor everyone in the class and see if they are still listening. The teacher may not be able to monitor when a student is already doing something that is not related to the discussion.

The international schools usually have small class size. Teachers can monitor the students better if the number of students in each class is considerably small. The teacher can easily point out the ones who are listening and those who do not. She/he can call the attention of those students who are not listening and make them focus.

  1. Individual Attention

The teacher can gain a better understanding of the personality of each student if the class is small. She/he can give individual attention to each student and point out the strong and weak points of each student. The teacher may also suggest some things that can help the student improve his/her grade or skills.

  1. Regular Meetings of Parents and Teachers

The international schools usually conduct parent-teacher meetings on a regular basis. During the meeting, teachers give updates on the progress of the children and may even offer some pointers that can help parents assist their children in their home works.

Choosing an international school in Bangkok Thailand may be daunting for some parents, but they need to do it if they want to give their children the high-quality education they deserve.

Scott Morrison To Fund Mental Health Initiative

According to recent reports, Scott Morrison has promised to fund a mental health initiative which will be school-based. A total amount of $2.8 million will be given for the program as part of his campaign during the election that he is determined to end the curse which is dominating the cases of youth suicide in the country. Aside from ordering school furniture from companies such as, the schools will also be focusing in the mental health of the students from here on.

The money will be given to a program called batyr which was launched in Australia. The program was created by a student from a university who is a victim of mental health illness. With the additional funding, the program will be able to reach more people through its online presence.

Before Morrison’s announcement of the pledge in Sydney, Australia, he said that the innovative method used by batyr highlights the importance of early intervention through employing storytelling in educational institutions. These storytelling activities are not only safe but also effective.

Morrison said that the program was created by young people in order to hold those who are younger to them. Through the additional funding, batyr will be able to provide front-line services and coordinate accordingly to intervene with young people who are at risk of doing something bad.

He also added that batyr and the method it uses is the reflection of Morrison’s vision in fighting mental health that is currently a challenge for the youth of Australia. This is the main focus of his government as of now.

Estimates revealed that one in every four Australians who are within the younger age bracket of 16 and 24 suffers mental health illness annually.

Sebastian Robertson is the man behind batyr which was launched in 2011 after he saw firsthand how frustrating and isolation it is to live with a mental health problem. This is not something that can be answered by buying furniture from but this is being able to live with the illness and conquering it in the process. The health minister is in agreement that batyr aided in providing support and interventions for those who needed it.

CDC Report Shows The State Of Dental Health Across American

Many a West Chester dentist, or anywhere else in the US, tell their patients to come back regularly, and not to miss their appointments, on top of the usual warnings and advice about dental health, and some of them say that their advice tends to go unheeded.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, that’s actually happening. The CDC recently released their report on national dental hygiene in the US, which noted that about 36% of American adults have gone at least a whole year without going to a dentist. This is bad, as there’s already an abundance of clear evidence that says that the cost of prevention is much lower compared to the cost of treatment. A checkup ranges from $90 to $137 on average, while a single filling can cost anywhere between $230 to $313. Meanwhile, a crown will be far heavier on the wallet, costing at least $1,200, according to the report.

The report, however, also note that there’s more than just people maintaining their own dental health, as there are other variables that affect their dental health. People’s location is also a variable, as certain areas in the United States have more dentist professionals compared to others. Another major factor when it comes to dental health is the presence of fluoridated water in an area, which the report notes can help fight off tooth decay.

WalletHub, meanwhile, made their own study in order to see which states in the US has the healthiest teeth and gums, comparing data from the 50 states, as well as the District of Columbia, analyzing 26 key indicators of dental wellness, with the researchers ranking every state based off dental habits and oral health.

On top of the list is Wisconsin, with Arkansas at the rear. New Jersey sits at eighth, while Pennsylvania ranks at 36th, to the dismay of many a West Chester dentist in the state.

The report also took a look at things like adult dental visits, adolescent dental visits, treatment costs, and number of dentists. Pennsylvania managed to rank in at second in terms of adolescent dental visits at 2018.