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Eco-friendly Tile Made Using Plastic Wastes

Did you ever think it possible for your blue kitchen tiles to be actually made of plastic wastes we often neglect? This might not be possible a decade ago but we have come a long way in terms of technology and recycling efforts. This is the reason why Emily Packer, a native of the La Jolla community in Rwanda, decided to start a Kickstarter campaign.

The money will be used to fund the creation of Coldharbour Tiles specializing in luxury tiles that are eco-friendly. The company will be making tiles which can be used as decoration or as wall tile. The best thing about it all is that 100 per cent of the tiles are going to be composed of recycled plastic material.

The main reason why they launched a Kickstarter campaign is to expand their production in order to create more tiles and then distribute them to customers. The eco-tiles will be available in three different sizes – a small square, hexagon and rectangle. There will be many colors available too but it will be dependent on the plastic materials used. This is one of the most effective methods to reduce the amount of plastic wastes that is negatively affecting the ocean.

According to the founder of La Jolla Light, the reason why she decided to start the business in the first place is to reduce the plastic wastes in the environment. What is worse is that these wastes are starting to penetrate human’s food systems. Creating the eco-tiles is one way to decrease the plastic footprint we leave behind and it will turn out into something big when done together.

Packer Enberg, the daughter of Dick Enberg, said that they have decided to create tiles because it lasts longer compared to recycling the plastic into just another plastic which will eventually be dumped again. Unlike the eco-friendly blue kitchen tiles they are making, other plastic products are more likely to end up going back to wastes. The process was not easy as she did everything from the beginning. To use as a comparison, a single hexagonal tile will need 130 grams of plastic in order to be manufactured.

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