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England Football Teams Use Cloud To Process Data And Analyse Player Performance

The healthcare industry has discovered the advantages of cloud computing through Rend Tech Associates that developed and installed a system that will meet an organization’s needs. Recently, English football teams have started to use the cloud in processing huge amounts of data and creating an automated approach in the analysis of player performance.

The regular football season might be over but it does not mean the end of hard work. Development work continues behind the scenes with digital transformation helping to change administration of games for the better.

According to Craig Donald, CIO at the Football Association (FA), digital transformation means simplification to make life easier for everyone at the football association. It is also about engagement and ensuring connections to participants in the game from the Sunday League player to the members of the English Supporters Club and the Lioness performing at the World Cup.

The current focus of performance development efforts is cloud and big data. FA is using Google Cloud as a platform for collaboration and advanced data analytics for England teams. One of the key elements in the cloud-enabled digital transformation include G Suite platform as the centre of the organization’s business operations. This means a shift from working in silos to increasing collaboration between the coaches of all teams.

When there is a connected way of working, the way that coaches train and develop England’s 28 national teams is unified at all levels of the game. G Suite provides the platform to collaborate and share data.

FA coaches share data through G Suite productivity applications and use Hangout as the communication tool. The data that has been collected and shared by the coaches is accessed Google Computer Engine. FA is also using cloud to build a new tool that will be called Player Performance System (PPS) that will measure fitness, training and form among the players.

The medical IT support and data management solutions provided by Rend Tech Associates combine Blue Chip, cloud-based network architecture with the amazing power of back-end servers and systems and front-end user requirements for a high level of computing performance, security and capability that used to be available only to large companies.

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