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Even The Most Brutal And Unwarranted Punch In Basketball Does Not Result To Criminal Charges

Do athletes require criminal lawyer in Toronto after they are spit on, shoved or punched? This kind of behavior is potentially criminal and the basis for a criminal law suit. However, why are there no lawsuits, no criminal lawyers and no prosecutions? When someone agrees to play a certain sport, there is consent to physical contact which is consistent to the rules of the game.

A melee involved Houston Rockets Chris Paul andLos Angeles Lakers Brandon Ingram and Rajon Rondo. After the NBA reviewed the tapes, suspensions were handed down. According to an NBA release, Ingram is suspended for aggression and escalating the altercation. He also threw a punch in the direction of Paul and confronted a game official in a hostile manner. He instigated the whole incident when he shoved James Jarden, a Rockets guard.

Ordinarily, the incident can be a basis for a civil lawsuit but according to California Penal Code, battery is any willful and unlawful use of force or violence on another person. If the athlete consents to the use of force, a crime is not committed. When the athletes step on the field to play, it is assumed that risk is inherent to the activity.

The best examples include a boxer who steps into the ring and consents to the jabs of his opponent, the football player who consents to a wild tackle, the hockey goalie who consents his opponents slap shots and the baseball player that consents to the possibility that the opposing pitcher may throw a ball that can hit him.

Strangely, fistfights are not equally condemned in sports. In boxing, punching is part of the sport. If the punch lands after the bell, it often results to penalty. In basketball, hard contact is declared as a foul. Even if there are brawls, prosecution is quite rare.

However, a brawl after the game and outside the stadium is different. An athlete can be convicted of causing bodily injury or serious misdemeanor. If you have been charged with a crime, you need the criminal lawyer in Toronto to represent you in court and prove that you are innocent of the crime.

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