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Fake ID’s Used In Booking Turf Soccer Pitches

In the past, Novelty IDs were only used by the underage youth to buy beer at a sports stadium. Recently, police authorities found out that fake identity cards are used to book public soccer pitches to be resold for a higher price. Under a pilot scheme, sessions at turf soccer pitches are allocated through balloting while remaining sessions will be available for booking after the deadline on a first-come-first-serve basis.

The idea of allocating turf soccer pitches through balloting is to provide a fair and impartial booking mechanism. However, according to Hong Kong Economic Journal, there are people who are using fake identity cards to book the public soccer pitches. Superintendent Swalikh Mohammed of Cyber Security and Technology Crime Bureau (CSTCB) said that police authorities have acted on a report received from Leisure and Cultural Services Department.

Four suspected members of a syndicate that were using fake ID’s were arrested during a raid in Kowloon. At least 124 fake ID’s were confiscated some of which contained different numbers but had similar names, birthdays, dates of issue and photographs. Police were also able to seize a laptop, printer and several blank cards that were apparently used to make fake ID’s.

The four suspects aged 23 to 43 were arrested for conspiracy to defraud and the use of false instruments. According to the police, the operation is not finished because they will continue to arrest people who are connected to the case.

On June 30 last year, LCSD launched Turf Soccer Pitches Balloting Pilot Scheme because of public demand for turf soccer pitches. It was also a new strategy to fight new touting activities. Those who want to book soccer pitches can join the lottery pool through Lottery Link e-Services System. The fake IDs were used to increase the chances of getting a booking.

The idea behind Novelty IDs is for entertainment purposes and not illegal use. There are many differences between the fake IDs and the real ones in thickness, fonts, colors, placements and many more. The fake IDs are not actually created to be perfect to prevent the customers from using them in committing crimes.

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