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Funeral Directors No Longer Handling Road Accidents

Funeral directors are deliberating about their decision on whether to stop attending to devastating road crashes. A representative of their organization said that these undertakers are complaining because of the unfair payment they received from doing the service. This is one of the responsibilities that even a funeral director in Sydney is not willing to undertake but it is quite common in Ireland.

The representative added that funeral directors who handle these car crashes are sometimes having trouble sleeping because of the gory details they have seen on the site of the accident. Some of them are even forced to spend their own money when attending to these road accidents.

A representative from the Irish Association Funeral Directors’ public relations, Colm Kieran, said that the rate of the fee paid to the undertakers is decided by their respective county council. The issue is that members are not satisfied with the compensation they receive.

He added that every time they conduct regional meetings and workshops all over the country, the recurring issue that is always presented is the payments the funeral directors receive when they handle the deceased resulting from car accidents.

This is pushing them to their limits thus they are thinking about not doing it anymore. He explained more about the typical responsibility of a funeral director and how it can impact them personally.

Mr. Kieran said that for those doing business in the rural area, a funeral director works more than his fair share. He is the one called during road accidents to act as a representative of the coroner and he is also the one to transport the deceased body in order to undergo post-mortem.

The funeral director calls one of his colleagues to accompany him to the site of the accident without certainty as to what they will witness. Majority of the time, they will have trouble seeping because of the fatal scene they saw.

They also have to pay for the costs incurred during the call to service which a funeral director in Sydney thinks is unfair since they should be compensated for it. They are purchasing the body bag and paying for the colleague they came with to the scene. This is why the organization is trying to convince the councils to have a standard rate which will be followed nationwide.

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