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Highland Students Will Not Be Getting Their New School Building

A remote school based in Thailand which is located on top of the hills finally received the good news they have been waiting for – they were included in the budget to fund the construction of the new building intended to replace the old and worn structure they are currently using which was built almost four decades ago. Unlike the facilities provided by a prestigious Bangkok international school, the state of the building is already at its worst.

Teachers and students went to work right away after hearing the good news. They made the necessary preparations for the construction such as leveling the ground. Then they waited for the go signal to start the project but up until this day they are still waiting with less sparks in their eyes than the time the announcement was made years ago.

This disappointment prompted a teacher from the said school, MontriJina, to post on social media site Facebook to air their disappointment and to reveal the true state of their school. Along with the post are photos of the wooden building that is currently used by Ban Prophado School in the district of Umphang. It looks run down and very old which is why many sympathized with the post.

According to the post, the roof of the dilapidated building has been leaking for years and their hopes are squashed with regards to getting funding for their new school building.

In an interview, Mr. Montri said that it was originally built in 1981. During that time, he was only three years old and he also went to the same school. As time passes, the wooden building starts to deteriorate as it is subjected to storms, heavy rains and hail. Aside from the building, the school materials were also affected and damaged during these national calamities.

Ban Prophado School offers primary education until junior secondary. The school has been pleading for the building to be replaced since 2016 and until now they have learned that they are yet to be included in the list of schools to receive budget for construction. Sadly, they do not have the means of a Bangkok international school to fund the building themselves for the sake of the students and teachers.

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