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How To Get The Right White Bathroom Tiles

Tiles play an important role in your bathroom. Even if your bathroom has the best design there is, failing to choose the right tiles can give a devastating effect on its total feel and look. Choosing the right type of tiles can make your bathroom an important highlight in your home.

Getting the right white bathroom tiles makes your ordinary bathroom fabulously beautiful without even changing much of its design. Size, material, colour, shape, and finish come importantly into play when choosing white bathroom tiles in your home, but there are still other factors to take into account as well. Here’s to help you in your selection.

  • Shape and size

The shape, size, and bathroom layout will influence also the shape and size of the tiles. The general rule is, the larger the bathroom, the larger also the tiles, and true on the opposite as well. However, there are no clear and strict rules on this. It really depends on the design, layout, and style of the bathroom. Contrary to common thinking, bigger tiles in small bathrooms can make a contrasting effect and bring an impression.

  • Grout

Grout lines can affect the look of your tiles when not properly thought of. Grouts on small tiles appear great, however, be mindful that many grout lines can make them appear too busy and unpleasant. The colour of the grout can significantly influence the aesthetic of your bathroom.

  • Proportion

Make sure that proportions work well together when using two different tile sizes in the bathroom. The lines must line up in all areas they meet.

  • Finish and colour

There are numerous amazing tiles available in the market, but if they don’t complement in style, finish, and colour of your bathroom and its fittings, they will quickly lose their charm.

  • Natural light

It is ideal to use light-coloured tiles when your bathroom is not well lit as they become more reflective with brighter space. In contrast, if there are plenty of natural brightness coming in, satin or semi-gloss tiles are the better alternatives. Using the same colours on the floor and wall of your bathroom can bring out a roomy feel.

Choosing the right tiles for your bathroom is essential as it can either make or spoil the whole thing which can also cost you a lot.

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