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How To Operate A Trucking In Cambridge

There are many types of industries that can be catered by a trucking business such as freight delivery, truck leasing, auto transporting, or subcontracting construction. You have the option to cater to single or small loads of cargoes or specialize in huge fleet logistics.

Licenses and Permits

Before opening or starting trucking in Cambridge, there are several things that you must process such as business permits and licenses as well as insurance certificates covering your vehicles. The federal authorities and the State impose a strong and strict implementation of the rules of the trucking industry that only a qualified trucking company is allowed to operate in the trucking business.


Your trucking business needs to be incorporated by forming an LLC for the protection and security of your own finances as well as enhance your credibility rating. You can search from the internet for a reliable website that will help you in all the guidelines and paperwork. This will save you cost on expensive legal fees.

Interstate Operating Agency

It is a must for you to apply for an Interstate Operating Agency permit to allow your trucking in Cambridge business to enter in other states.


Get insurance for all your trucks including the various types of goods you are transporting. The insurance coverage of the goods depends on the level of risk of hauled materials. Obtain an insurance provider that caters to the trucking business and can give you the appropriate advice on the insurance levels that you need.

Trucking Software

Modern technology allows you to keep track of the important areas of your business transactions such as mileage, billing, routing, overhead costs, and other data on the logistics. Choose an application that you can access on the internet for the convenience of your drivers to send their reports and log in.

Lease Agreement

Negotiate for a lease contract with a truck leasing company to cover for any contingencies that may be encountered in your own fleet. Leasing can be beneficial than purchasing additional trucks.

Qualified Drivers

Hire only experienced and qualified drivers to do the job to avoid the hassles and inconveniences of customer complaints as well as inefficient handling of cargoes.

The success of running your own trucking business is dependent on the adherence to the basic rules of the industry and in providing an efficient and flawless service to your customers.

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