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Importance of Tracking the Well-Being and Performance of Athletes

Sports teams pay serious money to their players and they need to have a better system that can look after the player’s well-being and performance levels. Couches do not have much information about their players to work with but with the development of the Viper System, coaches can be provided with all the information about their athlete’s performance.

STATSports’ Viper Pod is a small GPS unit that will be worn by athletes when they are on training and during matches so that data about all aspects of their performance can be collected. Whatever data is collected will be translated into valuable information that is easy for the coaches to understand and act upon. Leading teams immediately saw the value they can gain from the Viper System.

According to Alan Clarke the founder and CEO of company STATSports, tracking the well-being and performance of rugby players during the World Cup is critical because there is little room for error to be successful. Alan has delivered major financial deals and contracts with some of the leading names in sports from Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Barcelona and Juventus.

The technology of Viper System is being used by a number of rugby teams who are competing in this year’s Rugby World Cup during training and matches. The technology is also being used by local sports organizations including Ulster Rugby and Irish FA.

According to Alan, working with IRFU during their victorious 2009 Six Nations Campaign, was probably the greatest game changer for the company. Ireland won their first Grand Slam since 1948 and the Triple Crown. This successful partnership with IRFU led to English RFU signing up with STATSports so that they can take full advantage of Alan’s technology at Manchester United.

Working with world class sports organizations means the STATSports must not leave open any potential gaps for competitors to enter the market. Alan knew his company has created a product that other teams cannot ignore like NBA, NFL and MLS teams.

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