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Is There A Lack Of Burial Space Plaguing Cities In Australia?

Most people don’t yet know their final resting places. This is due to a lack of conversation about topics like these, because of its challenge to social etiquettes. However, many people know the options that a funeral director in Perth might give them. They might choose the conventional burial in an overly adorned casket made from imported wood, or they might choose biodegradable urns in which to store their ashes, so that they might nourish a new tree with the nutrients of their departed bodies. If they choose the first option, they might face some difficulty.

It is a well-known fact that the number of deaths over the last few years has decreased, but this trend will not be following for the years to come. It is purported that death tolls will double in the years from 2011 to 2051, and during this time, finding a burial spot might actually be an expensive ordeal. That is correct, real estate process are not only shooting up for the living, they are shooting up for the dead too. Although most of this doesn’t apply to Australia’s general population (cremation rates have been on the rise for a while now), it definitely will affect those asking a funeral director in Perth for some space in a burial yard and a nice tombstone to go with it.

Now the question of where to place the dead arises. The solution is obviously to stop burying people altogether, in preference of a greener approach, cremation. However, there will be families for which this may not be possible. For them the solution will be to find additional curial sites on the urban fringes of Australia’s metros. There is another solution to this problem and that is the use of reusable graves by setting up prices for graves and lease periods. Although some may choose to bury their dead in one spot for perpetuity, others will now have the option to bury their dead for a certain period of time, and then make that grave usable for another person. However, all of this depends on the comfort levels of the families who have lost their loved ones.

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