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Killeen ISD Installed New Locking System For Doors

One of the largest school districts located in Central Texas, Killeen ISD, has updated their security measures. This is something that professionals at Brisbane Northside locksmiths are recommending to every establishment to ensure safety. Now the high schools covered by Killeen ISD have been installed with new door locking system that works in a synchronous manner.

The main goal is to make sure the intruders do not have a chance to trespass while the students remain safe inside the room. This is only one part of the series of upgrades that the district has planned to implement for the security of everyone.

Killeen High School’s principal, Kara Trevino, said that in her own point of view, the decision made her feel more at ease with regards to the safety of the students as well as the school staffs along with the visitors who check in once in a while. The new system enforces their goal of prioritizing safety first and foremost.

The device will ensure that the doors will remain locked the entire day. It is considered to be a deterrent to those who try to enter without the proper permission and authority. The only way that unauthorized individuals will be able to use the locked doors is if they have the pass key. Without possession of the pass key, they won’t be able to gain access and have to find an alternative method.

The new security system was $100,000 which came from the bond of the district worth $426 million. After the doors have been installed in place, students including visitors will not be able to enter the premise any other way but using the front doors which they have to be buzzed in prior to entering.

With the prior incidents of shooting in schools, companies like Brisbane Northside locksmiths are in agreement that this security system should be mandated in every school in the United States in order to protect the students and the staff. This will serve as a reminder to them to always be aware of their surroundings and stay alert in case an intruder barges in.

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