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Logistics Dominated Expo 2020 Dubai

There is only a year and a half left before the Expo 2020 Dubai’s inauguration therefore the organizers have decided to quicken the pace of giving out contracts to not just hundreds but thousands of firms both local and international. This is to guarantee that there will be enough time to prepare for the event which is expected to be the grandest of its kind to be held in Arab World. This will be a once in a lifetime experience for specialist logistics according to the experts.

The groundwork alone for the exhibition has already resulted to many business opportunities in different sectors but the logistics sector turned out to be the most dominant of all. There are around 25 million visitors coming to the event and over 200 global participants will join as they come from 190 nations.

Based on data, 56 percent of the available contracts by Expo 2020 Dubai has already been appointed to SMEs or small and medium sized enterprises. On the other hand, over 26,000 firms from 150 nations have already sent in their applications to be included in the lineup for the said event.

According to the chair of Gulf Pinnacle Logistics based in Dubai, Shailesh Dash, every time a global company decides to enter into a contract with UAE, they have to find professional support in the logistics market covering the local and global network in order for them to transition and transport their equipment to the new base country in the Gulf.

Dash said that contractors of the event are depending on logistics firm that are reliable and with much experience under their wings in order to act as their partners both strategically and operationally. The truth is that freight companies are more than just the ones moving the containers but they also help in other aspects such as organizing, contracting and complying in various customs processes. They are also subjected to time frames as well as complex operations. There is no denying that specialist logistics based in UAE are currently benefiting from the Expo 2020 because demand is higher for them while other sectors are not doing too well.

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