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Meet Motobot 2.0 The Racing Robot

Moto Guzzi is an Italian motorcycle manufacturer that is well-known for its historic role in motorcycle racing and industry innovations. If you are interested in the Italian brand, you can check for Moto Guzzi for sale from reputable dealers in the UK. There are plenty of models available that will allow you to gain more value for your money.

Different motorcycle brands dominate the motorcycle racing world. The Thunderhill Raceway in California’s Sacrament Valley is known as the home to America’s longest car race, 25 Hours of Thunderhill. However, last September, Thunderhill hosted a different race between man and machine.

From a distance, spectators saw a motorbike taking the curves of the raceway like a professional car driver. Up close, the driver is not human but a robot. The blue humanoid robot looked like it has just stepped out from a computer game called Halo. The game is set in an interstellar war between humans and a bunch of aliens called Covenants. When Motobot stops driving, you will feel that you will be his next victim.

Motobot 2.0 is a fully-autonomous robot that can ride a motorcycle around a racetrack at high speed. Human operators can specify to speed and aggressiveness of the robot from a scale of zero to 100%. The process is similar to a racing team discussing strategies with their human rider. If you are wondering how the bike looks; it is a classic aerodynamic racing bike that can overtake your car in the motorway.

Last September the team that developed the Motobot 2.0 was enthusiastic with their achievement. The robot has successfully hit a speed of 200kmh (124mph) on the race track. However, it was still short of the lap time recorded by Valentino Rossi by about 30 seconds. If Motobot 2.0 can beat the record of Rossi, it is evident that a robot can perform beyond human capabilities.

It will be a good sight to see the racetrack with human drivers and robots competing for the record. On the other hand, if you are looking for faster bikes, your best option is Moto Guzzi for sale from UK dealers. Do not be hesitant to visit the dealership and ask questions.

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