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Muay Thai Global Popularity Increased Due To UFC And MMA

One of the activities offered by Phuket resort with pool access is the opportunity to learn the basics of ancient martial art and the traditional Muay Thai. Muay Thai is actually a practical fighting technique that started in the middle of the 18th century and became a sport. Many visitors to Thailand watch Muay Thai contests for entertainment.

Lion Fight Promotions that was founded in 2010 is North America’s premier Muay Thai organization that has successfully promoted the dynamic sport in the United States. The growth of Muay Thai’s global popularity has increased significantly due to UFC and MMA. Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu are the two fundamental disciplines associated to MMA. Together, the two sports cover every aspect of unarmed combat.

Will Magnus “Crazy Viking” Andersson become one of the world’s best in Thailand’s Muay Thai? Crazy Viking is a Phuket-based Muay Thai champion who invaded Las Vegas last March 30. He took on US-based Brazilian fighter, Washington Luiz at Lion Fight 53. Andersson was confident from the beginning and knew that he will win the middleweight bout. He made a big impression after forcing a 3rd round doctor’s stoppage because his opponent could barely continue to fight.

Andersson started learning Muay Thai 10 years ago in Halmstad, Sweden. He wanted to learn how to fight after experiencing a beating at the school playground. He wanted to be able to defend himself so he joined the local Muay Thai club along with 5 of his friends. Andersson believed that Muay Thai is too good to walk away from.

After 3 years, Andersson had his first amateur fight and won. He won 13 fights and he is now on the path to becoming a Swedish and Nordic champion. For the past 2 and half years, Andersson has been training in Thailand where he flies the flag of the Kingdom as sponsored fighter.

Aside from the chance to learn Muay Thai, Phuket resort with pool access also offers the unique aqua gym experience. The resort wants its guests to experience their best memories in Phuket from the wide range of activities that have become part of hotel life. There is always an activity for everyone including children.

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