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Phuket As An Attractive Destination For Couples And Sports Stars

Phuket in Thailand is known all over the world as an ideal wedding destination. There is wedding hotel in Phuket that offers wedding packages that meet every individual need whether it a traditional Thai ceremony or a Western-themed wedding. The wedding party will be treated to traditional Thai cuisine of prime meat, fresh vegetables and locally sourced seafood.

Aside from its popularity as a wedding destination, Phuket is also the favourite destination of top stars who are training for cycling, triathlon, tennis and the Olympics. While tourists are enjoying the white sandy beaches or the non-stop night life in Phuket, Maria Sharapova is honing her tennis skills and physical fitness at Thanyapura’s Olympic Village.

Thanyapura Olympic Village, a training ground for stars in the world of sports is located in the Thai rainforest that is 20 minutes away from Phuket Airport. Maria Sharapova makes use of the world class tennis facilities in between the tournaments in Shanghai and Singapore.

The bike routes around Thanyapura were designed by former Tour de France competitors. Teams from the Philippines, Netherlands and Hong Kong train in the island of Phuket and are already well recognized as they barrel through the routes at 40km per hour. Thanyapura also supplies guests with professional bikes that range from the $4,000 Cannondale that is used by Peter Sagan, a professional Slavak cyclist to high end bikes that are worth two figures. Many of the bikers will compete for Phuket Ironman Event, a triathlon that combines a 90km ride, 2 km swim and 21km run.

Ten years ago, nobody would fly across the world just to experience cycling on a mountain. Nowadays, many groups would make 4 annual journeys to cycling meccas that include Oman, Thailand, Mallorca and Tenerife in Spain. Youngsters in Phuket are inspired by the cyclists so that they have changed to an active and healthy lifestyle.

Meanwhile, if you are planning a wedding in Thailand, wedding hotel in Phuket guarantees a day that you will never forget in your lifetime. The breathtaking views that surround the island will serve as the backdrop for the romantic day. Every precious moment of the event will be handled with care by professional wedding planners.

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