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Pittsburgh Steelers Try Golf For A Change

Remember when you were kid and how excited you were to head to family fun days instead of sitting inside the classroom? The excitement level is usually through the roof and that is the same feeling experienced by the Pittsburgh Steelers in one of their organized team building activities. The team headed to Topgolf to try something new.

There is no doubt that the Pittsburgh Steelers are great at football but how about professional golf? One Monday morning which was supposed to be another OTA session, the players headed off to Topgolf for a day of fun. Since Mike Tomlin took over as head coach of the Steelers a day-off has been utilized for team building so that players can connect off the field.

According to Ramon Foster, if is fun how the faces of the players light up when they learned that there is no practice and instead they are going outside for team building. The guys are always inside a building and Tomlin made it an annual tradition to give the players a day of fun during OTA’s.

In order for the players to work cooperatively with one another, they have to get know each other in some informal activities outside the game. The guys must be provided with a platform where they can enjoy themselves and form bonds.

Since the guys are professional athletes, they are expected to be competitive and do not like to lose in anything they do. Defensive coordinator Keith Butler is considered as one of the best golfers in the group but the players cannot resist challenging him.

Every day, the players go to work and spend very little time together. For the rookies, team building is the perfect opportunity to get to know the veterans outside the facility. They gain a better understanding on the mindset of the veterans. Friendships and relationships are created with the people they are working with.

Aside from team building activities, companies can also opt for family fun days and picnics for their employees. The day can be entertaining and rewarding because the event will bring together employees and their families to bond. Workforce cohesion can be improved because of the opportunities for the employees to connect with each other.

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