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Royal Mail Continues To Face More Complaints

With the popularity of online shopping and e-commerce, an international courier believes that this is the prime years for them. While other courier companies are enjoying the spike in business activities, there is trouble brewing in the Royal Mail. Many consumers, the number shockingly reached a million, continues to send in their complaints regarding the Royal Mail. With the increase in demand for online shopping, there is also an increase in cases where the consumers’ parcels disappear while in transport.

According to the complainants, the Royal Mail updated the status of their parcel delivery to having been successfully delivered when in fact the customers did not receive any parcel from them. The number of complaints has already increased by 51 per cent in the last 12 months and it now reached 134,712.

In the previous year, there are 89,219 cases recorded and denial of receipt was not an option in the recording process of the Royal Mail. Because of the rise in complaints, the company decided to add this in the categories in order to for customers to identify their complaints specifically.

There are many reasons the industry is looking into why many parcels do not get to the recipient such as dishonest consumers, human error, dishonest postmen or error in the system.

According to a representative from the Royal Mail, they have already acknowledged the complaints thus they have added a new category which is denial of receipt. This company recognizes that they have to improve their operation system in order to decrease the number of incidents under this complaint. They are already taking measures and in the last two weeks they have implemented some huge enhancements in their system and operation.

Customers are now sent a text message or an email to let them know if their parcel has been left to a neighbour along with the specific address. This feature was not available before. Furthermore, they have sent their postwomen, postmen and managers to undergo additional training. This is necessary because of startups in international courier which threatens the existence of the Royal Mail therefore big improvements have to be made.

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