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The Controversial Grayshirt In National Signing Day

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Speaking of sports, the 2nd and final National Signing Day of 2019 is just a week away. People are asking what “grayshirt” and “blueshirt” means to the teams that get to the totals. A few years ago, the concept of grayshirt was controversial due to how it is being used. When a player is grayshirt, his enrolmentis delayed by a semester. He can only join the team during the spring semester of the following year. This will allow some flexibility for the 25 initial scholarship players that will be allowed each year by NCAA.

To put it simply, a player who signs now and does not enrol until January 2020 may count against the class of 2019. If he did not qualify academically, and the team used only 24 initial counters, the player may count against class of 2020. The player’s eligibility does not begin ticking until 2020 which is not actually controversial. It only becomes weird when the coach springs the grayshirt option within days of signing day. This often happens when the coach cannot find a non-grayshirt deal.

The blueshirt is an option when there is a need to take more than 25 players so that the numbers will be closer to the maximum 85 scholarships. In NCAA, blueshirt means non-recruited player. Schools add the classification when a team has 25 incoming freshmen eligible for scholarship.

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