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The Race of Ugliness During The Holiday Season

Have you ever had the chance of joining the ugly Christmas sweater craze or have seen these ridiculously ugly sweaters? Their ugliness will throw you off but in a very nice way and you can even refer to these apparels as awesome.

There are different designs available for ugly Christmas sweaters. If you are up for adventure and sports, there are team branded ugly sweaters courtesy of NBA store and other sport associations. There are those who really put in much effort in creating these sweaters while others opt to buy these sweaters online or in thrift stores. The branded ugly Christmas sweaters sold at NBA store is priced at $50 to $60 per sweater excluding the shipping fee. Kohl and Target also have a selection of these ugly sweaters for sale. Amazon also has a listing of these ugly sweaters where a search for “ugly Christmas sweater” will give you at least 5,000 results. Nordstrom capitalizes on the other hand on homemade kits and they offer Make-Your-Own ugly Christmas sweater kits. If you want, you may also rent ugly sweaters for your Halloween costume. Another formal wear rental website, Rent the Runway, offers an array of collection of vests, cardigans and sweaters which will cost $15 per four days of renting. The design features of these sweaters are names like “Meowy Christmas”. They are typically designed to be unattractive as they possibly can.

The concept of the ugly Christmas sweater used to be in line with the basic principle of every holiday season: the commercial stuffs which are involved including the sweater itself like these holiday gifts which represents cheer, mirth and togetherness. In celebration of the holiday season, offices hold ugly Christmas sweater parties featuring these gaudy sweaters. Organizations and business clubs alike put up contests for the ugliest sweater wearer. When December comes, you will start seeing people in these gaudy looking sweaters bringing up their confidence while wearing the hideous sweaters.

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