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The Similarities Between Pilates And Yoga

People who want to relive stress and increase their balance, strength and flexibility can undertake either yoga or pilates. The exercises are less demanding but they require a high level of concentration and precision. You can perform pilates exercises on a exercise mat at home, in a gym or pilates in Kellyville where a personal instructor can supervise you.

Yoga is an ancient practice that originated in India 5,000 years ago. Yoga is a combination of physical poses with controlled breathing and meditation. On the other hand, pilates is a relatively young practice that was conceived 100 years ago by Joseph Pilates.The practice was designed to develop the core muscles found in the abdomen and lower back. The muscles must work against the resistance of the body itself or through a Reformer machine while concentrating on proper breathing.

Yoga and pilates have several similarities. Both practices can relieve stress, build physical strength, improve balance, increase flexibility, promote good posture and unite the mind and body. People who are choosing yoga or pilates class must look for an instructor that has completed comprehensive training.

For beginners, it is suggested to learn through an instructor not books and instructional videos. Having an instructor is a better option because there is someone who can provide feedback on proper positions. It is important to have correct form to prevent injuries and reap the expected rewards.

It is also suggested to bring your own pilates or yoga mat because it more convenient and hygienic. Comfortable clothing will allow you a full range of motion without the need to make adjustments when moving from one pose to another. It is not required to wear shoes because the exercises are performed barefooted. If necessary, ask questions from the instructor but do so in a way that will not distract the concentration of others.

The instructor at pilates in Kellyville will tailor the exercises according to individual needs particularly if there is a health condition. According to research, pilates is a very important part of the exercise regimen for a person suffering from arthritis because it helps maintain balance and keeps the body flexible.

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